NZ Day 3 – Waitomo to Rotorua

Hi again friends!

It’s been a huge few days. I almost didn’t write this blog because I am so tired right now, but I thought to myself that I would be shit and would hate myself if I didn’t so here goes!

We woke up bright and early again this morning – this seems to be a theme. We only had to go up the road though so the drive was not long. The owner of the place we were staying at kindly left us bread, butter and jam to have for breakfast so it was good to get that. We realised we were late though and we rushed to Daphne to drive up the road to the Black Water Rafting Co for our black abyss tour!

The black abyss tour is a 5 hour tour of the Waitomo Glow-Worm caves. You might remember these glow worms from David Attenborough’s Planet Earth. They are a little worm that are found on the roof of deep caves in Waitomo. They use bio luminescence to light themselves up to attract prey and they make little ropes to catch the prey with. They’re pretty amazing. Anyway, on this tour we had to put on these giant wetsuits that were super heavy. Then they drove us about 10 minutes up the road in the van where we absailed 35 metres down through a tiny hole and into a cave. Aimee was shitting herself hahaha which was pretty funny. It was super dark down in the cave, like pure darkness. We were wearing helmets with little lights on them which was helpful. We also had a zipline through complete darkness, I did a front flip off the side of a cliff into the super freezing cold water. Then we did a whole bunch of caving and tubing and looking at the glow worms. Then at the end we climbed up some waterfalls which was pretty tough but also awesome. All up it was a really cool thing to do – really one of a kind which was active, adventurous and unforgettable. They stopped and fed us hot chocolate (ew!) and a few snacks a few times, then at the end we had hot soup and bagels which was delicious. One thing that I think really added to the excellence of this experience is how good our guides were. We had Alistair and Kun – these dudes were just super cool, funny and awesome to be around. Really helped the experience along.

A bit scared!
Me and Vincze fucked this long exposure pic up
Looks cool!
The Gang

Following this we drove to the famous Rotorua. It was nice to finally be into civilsation as the start of this trip has been all farmland and remote areas. We settled into our AirBnB which is super nice again – I am loving AirBnB. Then we stopped at a Kmart type store called The Warehouse. As we got out of the car that is where we found out why Rotorua is famous – it fuckin stinks so damn nasty. There is a ton of geothermal activity in Rotorua and sulphur pools – the whole town emits an extremely strong scent of rotten eggs. It’s so foul and you can’t get it out of your nose! Which leads us to our next activity – a geothermal walk at Hells Gate near Rotorua. 
The geothermal walk was OK. It was about an hour walk around some bubbling sulphur pools that were so hot from the geothermal activity that they were boiling. It was pretty cool to see but man we could just not get past how nasty it smelled. This was literally the source of the stink and you couldn’t escape it – man, there is nothing like it. I’ve gagged several time. I’ve tried to embrace it but it is so difficult. At the end of the walk we had a mudbath which was really nice. The water was super warm and we put the mud all over ourselves – apparently it is good for your skin. We chilled in there for 20 minutes. Then we showered the mud off and jumped into the geothermal spa’s. This was nice too but when we were in there it started pissing down rain. This is the first rain we have had on this trip, we have been pretty lucky thus far. Whilst the spa and mudbath was nice, it was still smelly and there were lots of people at the spa that were really noisy and I think it wouldve been much more relaxing with a lot of silence.
Fuckin Smelly!

After this we ended up heading back to the Countdown (woolworths, but NZ version). Bought some marmite and bread for brekky in the morning and they fuckin sell lime milk here – love this so much, Bought a mad batch of that and brought it home. We then went out for dinner which we had at a burger chain recommended by our guides  at Waitomo called Burgerfuel. It was fuckin great. Mad fat burger and fries with a beautiful L&P. L&P is a famous NZ soft drink and I am hooked! After that we decided to go play minigolf at a place called Motion Entertainment. It is a huge warehouse that has pretty much everything. Bowling, Laser Tag, Arcade Games, Mini Golf, Escape Rooms, Trampoline area – just so cool. The Minigolf was lumberjack and old timey colonial themed. It was fun, Vincze the dog beat me by one stroke (dunno how) but it was fun. That capped off our massive day. We have another one tomorrow but we get a bit of a sleep in – fuck yeah! See you all tomorrow!!

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