NZ Day 2 – Coromandel to Waitomo

Hi friends!

Welcome back. I am glad that you are joining me! I’m sitting in an AirBnB in Waitomo as I write and it is about 10PM. Today has been a massive day.

We woke up at 6am for a bright and early start – last night’s sleep was actually alright. It was pretty hot and stuffy though because for some reason nowhere in New Zealand has fly screens and the only way to let the air in (nowhere seems to have aircon either?) is to crack the windows openm but as soon as you do that about a million bugs pour in. The bed was good, even though the sleep was short.

Up at 6, then we drove to Hahei which was about a 15 minute drive and parked at the Ha hei village carpark. We were going to Cathedral Cove this morning. Cathedral Cove is a stunning beach with limestone pillars in the water and a giant archway next to the ocean. They filmed the chronicles of narnia: Prince Caspian there when the kids first arrive in Narnia at the beach. It most certainly lived up the the hype. It is stunning. However, there was one problem with it – you’ve gotta go on a massive trek to get there. I thought it was going to be a short stroll to the beach – I was extremely wrong. First you gotta walk up a massive hill to even get to the start of the hike. It was just a nightmare really and we were unprepared. The payoff was worth it though, but then the walk back was much of the same.

Cathedral Cove – Vincze looks tiny
Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Cove

We hadn’t had a chance to eat breakfast which was a bit annoying so after the walk back we stopped in at a little cafe and ate some eggs on toast which was nice. We then picked up some nice NZ snacks from the general store (green powerade, say whaaaaa?). Then we went on a two hour drive to matamata. I tell ya, the roads in NZ are treacherous. They’re windy as fuck and super narrow. Also, they have these one way bridges which are heaps annoying and we almost died on several of them.

Anyway the drive to matamata was tiring, but the reward was great. Today, we were going to Hobbiton!! Aw man, so good. We were a few hours early though so we had lunch at Shire’s rest and Vincze got the meal called “Elevensies” hahaha they also had “Second breakfast” on the menu. So good. Anyway, they had a really cool LoTR gift shop which we didnt buy anything, but the time came for us to go and we jumped on the bus which took us to Hobbiton. Our tour group had about 20 people and our tour guide Christina was either Canadian or American, but she was good. She took us all around Hobbiton and told us stories of the filming and production which were super interesting. Hobbiton is seriously amazing. The attention to detail that Peter Jackson paid in building it is just mindblowing. All the little hobbit holes, Bag End, the gardens, the park where Bilbo had his eleventy first birthday and then finally down to the green dragon where we got a complimentary ale. Truly awesome experience.

Bag end! Only party business

Anyway, after that we took about a 1.5 hour drive to Waitomo which is where we are staying tonight. We were filthy and tired by the time we got here. It is our first AirBnB ever which is a pretty old house but its huge and lovely. We are stoked to be staying here, it was way cheaper than any hotel here and really homely, we are only here tonight though unfortunately.


We walked across the road to a restaurant called Huhu, it is really good food. We had pumpkin and cheese arancini balls for entree, I had pork with apple salad for main and a butterscoth sundae for dessert. Absolutely exquisite! Great restaurant and great find. Some old cunt sprayed deodorant halfway through though and near choked me out – fuckin idiot, who does that at a restaurant?

The Green Dragon Inn at Hobbiton

We walked back over and I had a nice shower and am sitting on the couch typing this up – free and good WiFi here – Finally!! The first Wifi we have had which is a nice treat. It has been a huge day and we are all tired. We are taking it easy tonight for another massive ass day tomorrow! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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