NZ Day 4 – Rotorua

Hi friends again!

Today has been another long day (as per usual). We actually got a sleep in though which was fuckin awesome, but now I am craving more sleep! Bought some marmite last night and had it on some toast, pretty similar to vegemite hey, not a lot of difference. After that nice brekky we geared up in the pouring rain and drove down to Skyline Rotorua.

Skyline Rotorua is a big gondola that starts at the bottom of a mountain and goes to the top – kind of like the skyline they have at katoomba, I guess? I can’t really explain it. The views were nice and beautiful though, Rotorua is quite a nice town when you forget about the smell. The lake is massive and beautiful and the view was lovely. However, we weren’t there for the skyline. At the top of the skyline is the street luge tracks. You get in these little go-kart type vehicles that you have to pull on the handle bars to turn the brakes on. You strap the helmet on and start fanging it down the mountain. It is super awesome and mad fun! Passed a few old grannies and left them in my dust, so good. It was actually really scenic too. Such a great experience and a lot of fun. When you get to the bottom you take the chair lift back up – very much like a ski-lift. We all agreed that we would have loved to go on more rides.

Top of Rotorua Skyline
Me with this cool guy

After this we were going ZORBING. Man, zorbing is fuckin awesome. We paid for the three runs down the mountain which was $139ea. Which was pretty expensive but man was it fun. You jump in these giant hamster balls that are half filled with water and they roll you down a hill. Aimee and I went in together and it was just so sick – you don’t really know where you are and it seems to go a lot longer than it actually does. Then when you get to the bottom you go sit in a hot tub and have a mad relax. Sadly, after our second run the wind and rain picked up too much and they had to cancel our third ride – which actually worked out alright because they only charged us $50 ea for the two runs which was quite a good price. It was cloudy and shitty weather the whole time – but somehow Aimee and I got fuckin sunburnt – so shite. Man, I thought for sure there was no chance of sunburn – how wrong I was. I will never learn. I fuckin hate getting sunburnt to.
We then went to Wendy’s for a quick takeaway feed – thats right, they have Wendy’s here which was pretty average to be honest, no better than Maccas and coupled with feeling like shit for eating it – but we’re on holidays so yolo. Then we went home for a few hours to prepare for tonight.
Tonight we were going on a Maori Cultural experience. This is akin to a Luau in Hawaii and very similar. The bus picked us up at this skainzy hotel that we had to wait out the front of. Some chick was dealing drugs at the house next door. I fuckin tell ya, she must’ve been one of the hardest working drug dealers out. In the 20 minutes we waited there, about 6 people came to pick up a deal. Then the bloke who owned the hotel started having a go at us for parking in his carpark, fuckin dickhead. It was also pissing down rain so at this point we werent having the greatest time, but that changed quickly.
When the bus picked us up, the bus driver was so fuckin awesome. He was incredibly funny. Crackin mad jokes, putting on different accents (he spoke 61 different languages and greeted us in all of them). He was funny and charismatic, just a straight up legend. At the Maori village they did a welcoming ceremony and all of the warriors did a greeting which was aggressive. I imagined what it would have been like back in the tribal times, it would have been terrifying. It was pissing down rain still so they got the Hangi food out of the ground and showed us that. Following that they put on their performance where me and vincze had to get up and do the Haka which was pretty funny according to the girls – we thought we were pretty scary though.
Scary ass Haka

This show was awesome and then we went inside and sat down for our feast. This was also pretty good – it was pretty much a roast dinner that was cooked underground using rocks and hessian bags etc. Really cool. I was full as fuck afterwards and it was a solid meal with alcoholic punch which was awesome. Then on the way back the bus driver was yet again hilarious singing in different languages and just being hilarious in general. We were the last left on the bus and he asked us where we lived, when we said Bathurst he was like WHATTT, my son lives in Oberon. Such a small world! Just unreal.
Anyway tomorrow we are heading to Taupo – exciting! Talk to you all then and I just want to thank everyone who is still reading and supporting my blog – I can’t thank you enough!

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