Orlando day 1

We prepared for another decent drive day. Aimee and I decided to wake up early and head to the Waffle House next door to the hotel for breakfast. It is a very classic American hotel diner. Smashed a hash brown bowl. This was just hash brown with scrambled eggs and sausage all mixed together, it was nice. We had an included breakfast but we heard that the bagels had mould on them at the hotel breakfast! Absolute filth! I am glad we avoided that!

We got on the bus and ended up with the front seat! The front seat is special on the bus, our instruction is to rotate the front seat everyday so that everyone gets a chance to get the best view. I was planning a sleep after the big night last night but in front seat there is no chance of that. We were chatting with our driver Alex most of the way, he is a full mad dog. We stopped in The capital of Florida, Tallahassee on our way to Orlando where we tried our first Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It was damn good. Easily the best takeaway burger I have had yet. It just tasted so damn fresh. The fries were over-seasoned but man that burger was unreal. Top quality fast food.

We arrived in Orlando and Lo and behold our keys didn’t work again. This is the third time this has happened. We have found hotels in general to be pretty hopeless since we’ve been here. Either that or we just have the worst luck. So I watched our bags while aimee went over to get new keys. We spent 20 minutes getting ready and then we were back out to the premium outlets in Orlando for some discount shopping. First stop: Nike store. I bought a new pair of joggers and a few shirts which I am pretty stoked on. Gotta lose this holiday weight for them to fit properly though. I am definitely starting to feel holiday weight being put on. We’ve just eaten so much shit. They have this lolly shop called ‘its sugar’ that just have giant everything, like massive boxes of nerds, a full kilo of LCM bar, it was wild lol we didn’t get anything because bags have become an issue. They’re so full, we can’t fit anything else in them. Orlando is beautiful by the way. It is very clearly a vacation town. Giant hotels and theme parks, everything is really big, neat and clean. Really beautiful place.

After ubering back to the hotel to drop off our purchases. Then we ubered to Universal city walk. This place is a massive promenade of restaurants and shops that is located just outside universal studios theme park. It’s massive and awesome, picture surfers paradise on steroids. It’s really cool. We ate dinner at a decent looking italian restaurant that smelled amazing. We ordered woodfired pizza, pasta and bread. We were heaps excited but unfortunately is was really poor. We were most definitely unimpressed.

After the shit meal we walked around and explored. We ha an agenda though, the real reason we were at Universal city walk is because we googled the best mini golf in Orlando and Hollywood Drive in was the winner! We headed over there and they have two courses. Either a monster themed course or an alien themes course. We did the monster themed. It was freakin awesome, rolling through scary areas, and playing mini golf, awesome! Naturally I whooped Aimee’s ass at it. Uber back to the hotel and needed desperately to do some laundry. We pretty much had no clean clothes left. This took about 2 hours, by this time I was fuxkin buggered and ready to sleep at about 1am. We have a busy day tomorrow, Magic Kingdom, Disney world! Soooo keen!!

Much love


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