Orlando Day 2 – You never get sick of Disney

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”
― Walt Disney

Last night was a tough sleep – Florida is hot and the airflow in the room was not good. Considering the hotel looked really nice, the bedding was actually quote poor. We have slept in far worse hotels here with way better bedding. Especially in Durango, the hotel looked very questionable but it had a memory foam mattress,  it was glorious, never had a better sleep in our lives. Definitely buying a memory foam mattress when we get home.

We skipped breakfast this morning which may have been a mistake, but we wanted to get on the bus early. We got on the 7:45 shuttle bus from the hotel to Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is very similar, with many of the same attractions as Disneyland LA. Disneyworld has 4 theme parks and 2 water parks. The reason we decided to go to Magic Kingdom was that we wanted to get the most out of our Disney experience and we have read that it is by far the best of the four. We will return one day and do them all though at some point in our lives.


We purchased our tickets well in advance and had a game plan. Some people from the group were also going to Disney but most were going to Universal Studios. We arrived at Magic kingdom to face the thousands and thousands of children, mums with prams and fat people on scooters. There were slight differences between Magic kingdom and Disneyland LA. As Magic Kingdom is newer, they clearly learned a few lesson for where Disneyland went wrong. Their queueing is much better. For get me wrong, the lines were definitely not shorter, but most queues were inside or shaded which makes a real difference considering it was a scorcher of a day. Also some of the queues were interactive which made the bad waits a little more tolerable. It really feels like its more isolated as well and that you are immersed into the Disney world.


The bigger problem with Disney parks is that there are just too many people. There was literally over 50,000 people in the park. The line at the Snow White ride got up to 180 minutes at times. It would have been nice to get on that ride but we were not queuing for 3 hours. We did utilise the FastPass system again though which is a little different and not as good as Disneyland LA’s so we weren’t able to exploit it as well. The way they do it here is that prior to coming to the park, you nominate three rides that you want FastPass on (limited stock) and then you can get some throughout the day after that if there are any left which for the most popular rides, there are not. It was still definitely helpful though and we got a chance to ride all of the best rides. Especially space mountain which was way better here than it was in LA. It didn’t have that Star Wars overlay and it was in its original form which was way more fun. 


Ronnie’s favourite attraction was again the Haunted Mansion. It is just such a great attraction which so many sights and sounds that just delights the senses. A surprisingly good attractions was the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. It was unlike anything we have seen. It is like a theatre where Mike Wazoski and the monsters put in a comedy show. There is a little camera in front of everyone and they put pictures of people on the screen and tell jokes. It has an improvisation element to it which was really outstanding. We laughed so hard. The writing and comedy was great.

The park was amazing. Honestly, we had a great time and we absolutely love Disney parks. Even though the lines are long, they are manageable with FastPass. Even though there are so many children, they create a sense of magic with their elation and joy. Even though there are fat lazy people on scooters who block the walkways, you have something to laugh at. The magic at Disney parks is really hard to describe, it really is something that needs to be experienced. It is an exhausting but incredible day. We got everything that we wanted to do except the snow white ride. Aimee was starting to feel sick towards the end of the day which is not a great sign. She has a sore throat and is feeling rundown. It shows that even when she is sick that she can have an amazing time that Disney parks are special.


A glorious time was had in Orlando. We will be back here one day because there is so much we still need to experience.

Much love

Ronnie & Aimee

much love


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