Panama City Beach Day 1 – it’s ‘the dude’

This is not ‘Nam. This is bowling. There are rules..” Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) The Big Lebowski 

It was a decent wake up in New Orleans, 8:45 bus, love that! A quick breakfast at the hotel and a sad goodbye to some of our contiki family and it was time io hit the coach to head to our 14th state Florida, but first we had to travel through our 13th state, Alabama. Of course Braden played Sweet Home Alabama on the coach as we passed into Alabama haha!

We were stopping in Mobile, Alabama. This was a quick lunch stop so we pulled up at a pub and got a feed. I grabbed a buffalo chicken sandwich with fries which was pretty fuckin good. Definitely one of the better meals I have had here. On the way back to the coach we went through a park and saw my first squirrel! There were about 30 of the bastards, totally filmed them as they all ran around haha, was pretty cool. They’re a pretty shit creature though and would easily get pumped in Australia. I wanted a coffee for the coach but couldn’t find a decent place so I had to get a shitty diner coffee and put powered creamer in it, it looked like shit but it tasted okay and did the job.

Our stop for tonight is Panama City Beach, Florida. Braden explained it as being the “Redneck Riviera”. Basically it is a big party town and all of the rednecks from the south go on their beach vacations here, spring break is also huge here and I am pretty sure they shot a ‘girls gone wild’ here too hahaha. We finally arrived and checked into our room which was pretty cool cause it is across the road from the beach and there is a full lagoon behind the hotel that has like 100 turtles swimming in it. It’s cool. We dropped our shit off and headed right over to the beach. We had about an hour to kill before dinner so we walked around the beach and got our feet wet. It’s a really nice beach but as an Australian…nothing can compare to what we have. That was nice and the weather was beautiful. We have had a lot of rain recently and to get some mild weather with a cool wind was so nice.

After that we rolled back to the hotel to get ready for our included dinner at a place called Hofbrau. It is a German-American restaurant run by a young couple, the woman is german and the bloke is american. Everyone sits at long tables and the waitresses wear German clothes but in a sexy way hahaha they also sell Steins which contain a litre of lager. Of course this is what I ordered. After half of this I was well plastered. The guy that runs the place gets up on the stage and on the mic and gets games happening while dinner is going on. I got called up onto the stage to be a part of a US trivia game against 4 others in our group…and I won it hahah my prize was. Miniature beer stein that is the size of a shot glass to keep plus a shot of any alcohol of my choice. Jäger it was. Slammed that down. I ordered the salmon for dinner as it came with broccoli and I am honestly dying for vegetables. It was delicious and the broccoli was much needed.


Still smashed, we hopped on the coach and sang songs all the way back to the motel. Right next to the hotel was a bowling alley that had a bar, a roller skating rink and arcade games. Hell yes we went there! Bowled 2 games with some legends on tour, I won the first game with 143 and came second in the second game which Michael won. But only by like 4 pins over me! That was fun! Then Aimee and I went for a roller skate. Aimee stacked it heavily within the first minute of being on the rink, it was hilarious, I wish I filmed it! I was cruising around and shit which was cool but the skates hurt my feet so we didn’t do that for long. Then we hit the arcade games. This place has the maddest arcade games, they’re all like the newest games, not like the fuckin shitty ones they have at Bathurst bowling that are like 30 years old. We played a shitload of them and then Aimee and I played the basketball hoop shooting game. After it the game was a bit glitched and was giving the ball back for free. So Alex (our driver) and I were fuckin around with the ball and having free shots and this guy who worked there came over and was heaps mad saying that we can’t keep playing and if we don’t like it, we have to leave hahaha this guy takes his bowling alley job wayyy too seriously hahaha it was pretty funny though.

Anyway so after that we strolled home which was a mad late night considering I thought we’d have a quiet one! Good fun though. Panama City beach was freaking awesome. Could easily spend a few more nights here, but alas we must move onto Orlando! Sorry this blog is late and kind of rushed. our day has been massive! Tell you mad dogs all about it tomorrow!

Much love


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