New Orleans day 2 – mama said dat

Bobby: Mama, when did Benjamin Franklin invent electricity? Mama: That’s nonsense, I invented electricity, Benjamin Franklin is the devil!”- The Waterboy

A very chilled day was had today. It was our first free day in a while as there is a tour changeover today. 15 people from our tour finished today and another 15 have joined. It is sad to say goodbye to them, but unfortunately all things come to an end. We got a sleep in (which i desperately needed) I’ve been so tired from late nights and early morning, doing so much, drinking so much and Eating so much shit that my body is struggling to cope with it all. I’m not sick but I feel rundown.

The sleep in was perfect. Slept in until about 10am and then we got up and headed to the post office as we had to post some shit back to Australia because our bags have gotten out of control again unfortunately. We rolled to the post office in the pissing down rain and rolled in. It’s fuckin weird. You have to go through airport-like security just to get into the fuckin post office….which I did not understand until we got in there. The post lady was an absolute cunt. She was so mean and just acting like a horrible person. She was also slow as shit. Over $100 and a horrible experience later and we were out. We were hungry so we decided to go grab some brunch at a place recommended by Braden, The Ruby Slipper. It is this place that only does breakfast food. It was heaps busy, we had to wait for a table but he insisted that it was worth it. I ordered a Po-Boy with some fries which was enormous and delicious. A po-boy is like an open sandwich which had pulled pork, coleslaw and Cajun spices on it. They can vary and the main po-boy is made with seafood. Top quality. Aimee order BBQ shrimp and grits. It was nice too, though she didn’t know how to go about eating it. Some classic Cajun food for our brunch was a good way to get over the post ordeal.

We then decided to jump on the most historic street car route in New Orleans, St Charles line. It took us around for a look at the garden district which was pretty stunning. They had heaps of them old glorious houses that are classic American that you would see in the movies, like in American Horror Story: Coven and True Blood. Just really cool. That took a while but was good. There was this gangster looking guy on the street car and a little boy waved to him and the gangsta looking guy flipped the little kid off, it was mean but kinda funny lol


We then went back to the hotel for a bit of a rest before our optional Airboat swamp tour today. The airboat people picked us up in their busses and drove us to the swamp. They had this albino alligator in a tank there which was hectic. Then we loaded onto these massive fan boats, exactly like bobby Boucher’ mum drives in the movie ‘waterboy’. So good. Anyway we cruised around on that which was sick. We came across fuckin wild alligators which was nuts. Then old matey who was driving the boat fully got off the boat and started patting, feeding and kissing these fuckin alligator. Yeah well fuck that! That dude is fuckin crazy. We kept rolling after that terrifying ordeal. There were heaps of alligators and turtles, as well a cool swamp trees and stuff. It was pretty sweet. We pulled up at a certain spot and old mate pulled a baby alligator out of an esky that he had on the boat. It was pretty awesome. We all took turns having a hold of the baby alligator. I enjoyed that. Then we boated it back to the dock for the drive home. It was a good experience. The people there had full on Cajun accents which was mad.





We went back to the hotel for a little rest and then we were back out for dinner. We decided to go buy some fresh clothes because we have had extremely limited opportunities to to laundry so clean clothes come at a premium. Bought some shit and then headed to bourbon street to a sports bar restaurant for dinner called Bayou Burger. I ordered the classic Bayou burger which was greasy as all fuck. They actually deep fried the burger patty in batter which was strange, it also had deep fried onion, pickles and jalapeños on it. It was pretty much a fuckin grease burger. It tasted pretty good though hahaha slayed that burger while watching the softball on the tv and the little African American kids drumming just outside the restaurant. It was a nice time.

Then we took our clothes back to the hotel and dressed up to head out. We went to a Jazz bar on a street called Frenchman street that is wall to wall jazz bars all up the street. It’s awesome. We went to a bar called Blue Nile where we watched a 9 piece Jazz band called Waterseed. They were so good. Incredibly talented. We had a drink and then bailed for round 2 at cafe du monde. Love them beignets. Then we rolled back to the hotel I get a decent sleep before our drive to Florida tomorrow.


New Orleans is a great place, I highly recommend it to anyone travelling to the US. It is rough around the edges, there are a lot of homeless people and ice fiends everywhere but it also has a certain charm that is not to be missed. A real experience.

Much love


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