New Orleans day 1 – Debauchery

“New Orleans is the only place I know of where you ask a little kid what he wants to be and instead of saying I want to be a policeman or I want to be a fireman, he say, I want to be a musician. – Alan Jaffe

This morning we got up early to begin our drive to Louisiana through our 11th state – Mississippi. We stopped halfway in Jackson (yes, the same place that Johnny Cash sang about) at a place called whole foods. Whole foods is a huge organic food type place. It’s massive. They have like a buffet type system where you get containers and fill it up with food and then it gets weighed at the counter and they charged you based on the weight. They have so many options and when provided with this many options, a person will tend to go crazy..this is what I did. It cost me too much money but it was pretty damn good.


A few hours later and we arrived in New Orleans. As we arrived, a local tour guide jumped on our bus for a quick tour around the French quarter with some good information about New Orleans including a hectic story about Nicholas Cage owning a burial plot here and spending hundreds of thousand of dollars on digging up 200 skeletons because a voodoo lady told him to do so to cure a curse hahaha. I have found so far that nearly every place we go to feels completely different. In Australia, most places feels pretty similar and the culture is pretty similar across the board. In America there are massive differences everywhere. We be not been to two different places that have felt the same. It is a really nice feeling. We did this tour and then checked into our hotel. A lot of people decided to stay at the hotel and rest as we were going to have a big night, we thought ‘fuck that, let’s explore’ so we went exploring with no real aim. We ended up walking around pretty much the entire French quarter which is amazing, it is crazy and wild but also funky and so much fun. There are a lot of homeless people ere and it is a bit dirty, but it is so unique and real. The Spanish architecture buildings with the second floor balconies adorning the street just create a sense of old school charm and beauty above streets of pure debauchery and mayhem. The New Orleans French quarter is party headquarters, especially the infamous Bourbon street where neon lights rest overhead and you can carry your frozen grog drinks anywhere. It’s pure bliss. We came acros a 7 piece Jazz band playing on the side of the road our the front of a Walgreens. They were pretty great full getting into it and they had homeless people dancing in the middle of the road. When a car came by they’d dance off the road and then after it went, they’d dance back on hahaha it was pretty cool to see.


During the exploration we came to the world famous Cafe du Monde. They have a tiny menu that includes cafe au lait and beignets (pronounced: Bin-yay). They are like a donut covered in a ridiculous amount of icing sugar. New Orleans is famous for cafe du monde and it was damn good! Even if I did get icing sugar all over myself and my face hahaha We had an optional dinner tonight call Taste of New Orleans.




It was a 3 course traditional Creole meal at a place called Tujagues. Entree was a classic Gumbo which was nice but had very strong flavours! The dipping bread was in abundance and immaculate. I had a fish in butter sauce with some mash and broccoli, it was nice to get some relatively healthy food in instead of the amount of shit I have been eating, it was delicious. Then for dessert we got bread pudding with caramel sauce. It was very much like a sticky toffee pudding. Very nice. By this time I was very full and pretty drunk as we had been drinking these drinks called Hurricanes that are sweet pink slushy drinks, yum! The whole group headed on over to Bourbon street for the party to begin.

It was pretty hectic for a Monday night! We went to this Tiki type bar called Tropical Isle and got a drink called a hand grenade. They are green and come in this tall glass in the shape of a hand grenade at the bottom. Also came with a little hand grenade plastic ice cube in it. These are deceiving, they seem fun and delicious and then they become a savagely powerful drink. I was pretty wasted after my first one of these and was about to call it, but then I knocked Darcy’s drink over and felt obliged to buy her another one, for some reason while I was buying hers I bought myself another one, terrible mistake. I smashed that drink and danced and sang with the crew to this band that we’re playing, it was good fun but I was fuckin wasted at this point. A couple of the girls on our tour, Hayley and Beth were heading home and Aimee knew it was a good idea to take me there too. Stumbling down bourbon street, I was feeling sick and sitting down in the middle of the road trying not to throw up in the middle of the night hahaha Hayley bought me a water and I skulled that and made it back from the what felt like 20 block walk (more like 5). Anyway, I woke up feeling alright because we got a sleep in, yay! More from New Orleans tomorrow!

Much love


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