Fort Worth day 2 – Honky Tonk man!

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy

Oh what a night! Fort Worth has truly done a number on me. I am sitting on the bus right now feeling pretty hungover, most people are sleeping as it was such a huge night for everyone. Last night was so different for me and was well outside the realms of what I would normally do, but as you’re about to find out, it was so awesome. The day started off with us driving to Dallas from Fort Worth which in the traffic was about a 40 minute drive.

Our first stop was the sixth floor museum. This museum is located on the floor that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from as he was driving down the street in a motorcade. This museum was extremely powerful. It was a self guided audio tour that provided a lot of information on JFK, his early life, his presidency and the circumstances surrounding his death. It was such a great museum. If feel surreal to look and be at the spot and look out the window that JFK was shot from. Fantastic museum and very very worth it. Then we left the museum and went and had a look at the grassy knoll which is a topic of many conspiracy theories. There are crosses marked on the road where JFK was first shot at and then subsequently shot a few metres down the road. Such a massive part of American history.



Our next stop after lunch was AT&T stadium. This is the home of the Dallas Cowboys. If anyone knows anything about me, they’d know I am a massive Philadelphia Eagles fan. What you may not know is that the cowboys and the eagles have one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL. This made me coming into AT&T stadium wearing my eagles jersey very interesting! Honestly, it was an absolute blast. The security guards, tour guide and all the staff were ribbing me about being an eagles fan, but I was definitely giving it back! The stadium was absolutely enormous. They have an 80yd screen that is suspended over the field which is just huge. We sat in the corporate box which would be an  unbelievable place to watch the games. We then got to go to the locker rooms and then the main event  was heading out onto the field. One of the boys on tour brought a football so that was awesome! We were playing around having a throw and a kick which was just surreal and so much fun. I threw a 20yd TD pass and a 20yd FG on an actual NFL field. Can’t believe that! In NFL lingo this was my TD: R.Taylor to A.Walker 20yd TOUCHDOWN! PAT Attempt by R.Taylor is GOOD. My receiver AJ ran a flat route after lining up on my right for a TD right in front of the sticks. Awesome! By this point, there was a shitload of rain going down in Dallas. Everyone got emergency texts on their phone saying there was flash flooding in the area. Actually, it pretty much hasn’t stopped raining since.





We were then heading back to the hotel to get dressed up in our cowboy/cowgirl gear for the rodeo we were attending tonight! So everyone in our group honkytonked up and we coached it to the site of our rodeo whic was the Fort Worth Stockyards. We got there with a few hours to spare so we smashed a shot of whiskey in a bar – cowboy style! Then we went to a restaurant where I ordered Chicken fried steak! It sounds weird but it is actually a veal schnitty, they call chicken schnittys ‘chicken fried chicken’ hahaha weird. They we smashed a few cocktails here as well so by this time I was pretty into it. We then rolled on over to the rodeo at a place called the cowtown coliseum. I was a rodeo virgin prior to this and I was drunk so I was stoked to go! We rolled in and  the announcer gave us a mass shout out and our group wen absolutely crazy! Bull riding, barrel racing, calf roping and all sorts! It was a fuckin good event. Some dude got absolutely stomped by the bull, he was trapped under it, was hectic. That went for a solid 2 hours and then we headed for our last stop of the night at about 10pm.


It was Billy Bob’s Texas. This place is unbelievable. It is easily the biggest bar that I have ever seen in my life. There are honestly about 30 bars in there, picture any bar you’ve been into ever and times it by at least 10. Fuckin massive. Also there was some country superstar called Chase Rice playing a gig at Billy Bobs tonight. Of course our group took advantage of this. As we had tix to the rodeo we got in for free. We smashed another shot of whiskey and grabbed some cocktails and hit up the concert. This was out first country gig and probably out last but holy fuck it was fun! We were all dancing and jumping and getting around it. It was honestly just an unbelievably awesome night. Fuck knows what time we got home but we had to get up at 6AM to drive to Memphis, Tennessee which is going to be a cunt of a drive about 9-10 hours inclusive of stops.





Dallas – Fort Worth definitely treated us well, what an absolute cracker of a day/night definitely one of the best so far! Though I am tired as all fuck and pretty hungover right now haha See you all tomorrow from the birthplace of rock n roll – Memphis, Tennessee!

Much love


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