Fort Worth Day 1 – On the road again

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure – Bob bitchin. 

Helllloooooo Texas!!! Today was mostly a drive day but it was still packed with adventure. We woke up in Amarillo to finish our laundry. It was pretty frustrating because we chucked our laundry on the night before and then put it through the dryer twice and it still wasn’t dry. So we put it in the dryer for a third time, it still didn’t dry. We packed our wet clothes into the bag and got into the coach.

Our destination was Fort Worth, Texas. It was about a 5 hours drive but with Contiki, the bus has to stop every 2 hours for bathroom breaks and the bathroom breaks are usually at least 45 minutes as there are so many people. The first stop of the trip was at a place called Cadillac Ranch.

Cadillac Ranch

There are 10 Cadillacs half buried in the dirt which anyone is able to spray paint and graffiti whatever you want on it. It’s pretty cool.


We stopped at a few places and had lunch at a place called Wichita Falls, Texas. There were a few options and one of them was Chick-Fil-A. We have been keen to eat there since we got here. We rolled in there and got the classic chicken burger, came with waffle fries, it was awesome. Easily the best fast food feed we have had here yet. They had mouth wash dispenser and little cups in the bathroom too which was awesome so our mouths felt so fresh afterwards.

We finally ended up getting there, we got our key cards and went up to our room. We walked in and there was heaps of people’s luggage and food and all types of stuff in the room. Odd. Lucky they weren’t there at the time. We had to take the slowest elevators back down to the lobby and get a room that was unoccupied. Finally checked in and got ready. We were heading out for a Texas BBQ. We drove through a real dodgy area of Fort Worth. We drove past these two blokes punching on which was pretty funny. We rolled up to this dodgy BBQ restaurant that had barred windows and reminded me of a prison cafeteria. It was a BBQ buffet which means we had, ribs, wings etc. Honestly, it was pretty average. Texas BBQ has a really good reputation so we were surprised, but we are thinking it was the place we were at that was not good.

Following this we went to a bar called Landmark Bar & Grill which was pretty awesome. This bar had heaps of giant games like Jenga and Connect 4, Ski-Ball and loads of free arcade games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat.


By this time we was pretty drunk. It was ladies night so drinks for them were half price, this just meant it was Aimee’s shout all night. The main event though was a mechanical bull. This was awesome. Ronnie has always wanted to go on one but never gotten the chance. He was terrible. He had the completely wrong technique and fell off nearly immediately. He said he loved it though.


We got back to the room after a great Uber ride from a lovely local woman who told us of her history coming from Trinidad and Tobago then talking about her journey to Texas. We crashed nearly immediately after getting back. Then Ronnie was awoken with somebody opening our hotel door. He jumped up to find out what was happening and as it turned out the hotel messed up again and gave someone else the wrong room. The woman was apologetic but it jolted him awake and he had only his undies on. It was definitely an interesting night! Braden said that usually nice hotels like this one don’t make this many mistakes. All sorted now for tonight…we hope.


Thanks for your continued reading and support!

Much love

Ronnie & Aimee.

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