SYD – LAX. Los Angeles Day 1

“Air Travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo” – Al Gore

Wow, what a day! The day started off with out flight from SYD to AKL. This was a good flight, approx 3 hours and completely smooth. I watched Star Wars: Rogue One for the first time…wasn’t the hugest fan, but it was alright. Got me through the flight. Then we boarded from AKL to LAX and honestly, all I can say is what a cunt of a flight! It was pretty smooth but it was just soooo long and so fuckin uncomfortable! 12 hours and not a single wink of sleep. I even doubled my valium dose! The valium helped to curb the anxiety, which was great but I was just so uncomfortable. After about 3 hours I was begging for it to be over. The food was absolute dogshit too. I watched Moonlight, La La Land, Assassins Creed, fantastic beasts and where to find them and the entire season 20 of South Park. All of the entertainment was alright.


Finally made it to LAX and wow, it really is a different world here. Everything looks familiar but strange. It is hard to describe. Our airport transfer was like half an hour late which was pretty annoying as it is pretty hot here and having been up for a ridiculous amount of hours – I just wanted to get to the room. Fortunately, our room is literally across the road from Disneyland Resort. Of course, instead of being sensible and sleeping off the jet lag, we went to Disney California Adventure for the afternoon!


As we got to DCA late, fast passes were already taken for everything and I tell ya, it was like being at a concert, there were that many fuckin people! Heaps of fat cunts that rent electric scooters because they’re too lazy to walk around and oh so many prams!


We spent about 5 hours walking around the park. We had a quick lunch at Cars Land from a place called Crazy Cone motel. It was a little food court where the food booths looked like giant witches hats. We got pastry cones filled with mac and cheese topped with bacon – yum! called Then we jumped in line for Ariel’s undersea adventure which was pretty cool! The animatronics were awesome! The line was unbelievably long but it moved quickly. The main reason we went to DCA was for Radiator Springs Racers.. which broke down! You warned me Sarah! But a stroke of luck! We waited outside the ride for like 5 minutes and it started back up and we were at the front of the line! What went from a 3 hour line turned into 10mins! Score! It was the sickest fuckin ride too! Incredibly cool. The whole vibe of the park is just really fun and the theming is meticulous. We were going to stay for world of colour but we were so fucked that we decided to go back to hotel early and get a decent sleep for tomorrow. For dinner we grabbed our first US pizza from a place called Pizzaterian. It was pepperoni and fucking awesome. Bought it with a Dr Pepper! Went down a treat.


Anyway today we are heading for a full day at Disneyland. We have a full itinerary and I have planned the day out meticulously! Let’s hope it goes to plan! Yesterday was a bit of a shitstorm due to how tired we were. I was struggling with my patience in such big crowds after now sleep for so long. I am incredibly keen for this!! I will let you all know how it goes tomorrow morning!

Much love


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