Sydney – Twas the night before departure

“If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?” – Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club)

The time has finally come and just like Eddie Murphy, we are coming to America!
We are currently sitting in the hotel at in Sydney about to get going to the airport. Last night we left our house and our dog in Windradyne and headed for the big smoke – Sydney.
In regard to the flight, ee are feeling okay about the SYD to AKL leg of the flight because we get a good 2 hour leg stretch after it. The 15 hour from AKL to LAX is going to be rough. It is the longest flight Ronnie has ever been on.
Last night we stayed at the Adina apartments in Mascot, which is about 5 mins from the airport. The room was nice but the temperature was an issue. We really didn’t get a good sleep. We expect that this was a combination of pre-travel nerves/excitement which was not helped by Lord of the Rings – Fellowship of the Ring being on tv, which of course we had to watch. Such a great film.
We ate dinner at a place called Tavolino pizza in Mascot last night. It was pretty good. Felt nice to eat unhealthy food again after eating well for so long. We always order Margherita pizza, Ronnie is not huge on pizza other than Margherita which is always a safe, delicious bet. We are all about that minimalist life. Aimee’s sister Jessica opted for the create your own pizza option in which she selected Prawns, Chilli, Ham and Salami. The waitress took the order and came back and said that she got in trouble for accepting that order because it was a bad order and it could result in a bad review of the place. It is the first time we have encountered anything like this at a restaurant. To be honest, it is a pretty gross order, but if they are going to offer create-your-own pizza as an option, they should be prepared for people to order anything.
The plan for today’s flight is to pop a valium, chuck on noise cancelling headphones and smash out like 10 movies. Ronnie is pretty keen to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie so if they have the old ones on there, he might do a marathon. Sleep would be preferred but we am not sure if we will get any as we have never been able to sleep on flights.
Anyway, we’ll keep this brief and no pictures this time. The rest of the blog posts will have pictures. We will see you on the other side!
Much love
Ronnie & Aimee

One thought on “Sydney – Twas the night before departure

  1. Sounds like a brilliant night! watching the fellowship before going on your great adventure is a sign!From your friendly neighborhood spiderman Josh


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