Los Angeles Day 2 – Disneyland

“I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained” – Walt Disney

Another massive day was just had! It started off with a real shitty sleep as my body has not yet realised I’m in America and felt the need to wake me up at 1am. Ugh! Took me a few hours to get back to sleep. Nevertheless we were up at 7:30 to begin what ended up being a huge day in Disneyland.


Prior to this day I had done much research around Disneyland and what to expect, tips to get the most out of our day by utilising the fast pass system. This research proved to be massively valuable. When we arrived at 8:30 (half hour prior to park opening) we waited in one of about 30 lines that had over 100 people in each. We got in by about 9 and we were in the park for 14 hours. Leaving at about 11pm. E went to literally every attraction that I had planned. Not particularly in the order, but we were flat out the whole day and got it all done. Pretty proud of that effort.

Super fun day though! My favourite ride was probably the Haunted mansion. Such a sick ride. Aimee liked Star Tours, the Star Wars themed simulation ride. They were all awesome though. I am used to going to theme parks for thrill rides. Disneyland is not like that. There are really no  thrill rides. They are themed storytelling rides that focus on really immersing you in the experience as opposed to raising the adrenaline. I also liked the Mr Toad ride. It was old but it had so much charm. The longest we waited in line was for about 45 minutes for the pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Lots of buzz around the park that Kim and Kanye were in the park with theirs kids today. I was looking out for Yeezy all day – no luck though. He is probably lucky they didn’t see me, cause I prob woulda stole Kim off him hahaha!

As far as food went today, we skipped breakfast completely and waited until lunch to indulge where I had my first corn dog! Pretty similar to a Dagwood dog I must say, but not as good. The batter was really thick and greasy. For dinner we had dinner at a restaurant in the park called Fuente Del Oro. I got a Mexican chicken plate and Aimee got enchiladas. It was pretty good, I enjoyed it a lot. A few people told me that after a while I’d get sick of fast food and desire vegetables and healthy food. Well it’s taken a total of one full day for that to occur!


The park still had some of the same downfalls of yesterday, wayyyy too many people, prams, little kids and lazy pricks on motorised scooters everywhere. The worst though is that people here walk way too slow and then stop right in front of you, many a time did I run into people. I was less frustrated today though as I had actually gotten a few hours of sleep. I have also noticed that Americans in general are pretty loud people, feels like they’re all yelling all the time. I did try to buy some souvenirs for my nieces yesterday and I told the guy behind the counter that I would “pay on card”. It literally took him about 5 repeats to understand what I was saying – I didn’t realise my Aussie accent was so heavy!

It is now 11pm and I am absolutely wrecked. We walked 18kms today in the park. It’s massive. My feet are sore, I’m a little bit chafed, my head is tired, my throats is sore, my face looks like I haven’t slept in a week, but there is a smile on my face. A great day indeed! We have an early morning tomorrow, for a third theme park day in a row – Universal Studios Hollywood.


Thanks for commenting and reading my posts still, I hope you’re finding them enjoyable!

Much love


3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Day 2 – Disneyland

  1. Sounds like a great day! haha Americans and not being able to understand aussies. Remember the Ultimate fighter and they out subtitles on Kyle hahahaha I have heard that Americans love aussies at the pubs and like shouting drinks!Love from your friendly neighborhood spiderman Josh Setright


  2. sounds like a blast i think i seen Kanye behind you in a photo hehe are these shots taken with your new go pro? i'm sure yankies like the sound of their own voice,keep the posts comming i'm enjoying them to the max cheers


  3. Dagwood dogs and corndogs are the same thing, arn't they? I don't want to worry you bud, but expect the busy, hectic vibe in New York. Mass amounts of people! It's good though. Haha yeezy. -Adam


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