The adventure begins!

“The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences” – Jon Krakauer (Into the wild)

It is the day before we fly out to America. It has been such a long time coming. I can remember counting down from over 200 days and now there is only one sleep left! I have told a lot of people about this blog so I hope it lives up to your expectations.

The last 200 days have been quite a journey. I left a job that
 I loved for a job that I love even more. I believe that I have been extremely lucky in my career to stumble upon two jobs in a row that have been amazing organisations filled with amazing people. That said, I have not had a holiday since second year of uni (2014) so I am extremely keen for a bit of time off.

In preparation of this trip, we decided to start losing weight. At the start of this year, Aimee and I were the heaviest we have both ever been. We were both pretty ashamed of the way we let ourselves get and we knew that we needed to change. I weighed in on January 1st at a whopping 124.5kg and Aimee weighed in at 80.5kg. We decided to use America as a motivator for our weight loss journey….and it worked!

The theory behind our decision to use America as a motivator was that we know that we are going to indulge when we are there and we don’t want to come back to Australia to the point where we are too heavy to function. Anyway, we spent 19 weeks tracking our weight. It was hard as fast food was our vice and we had vowed not a single fast food item until we get to America.

It is now the 20th of May and I weighed in this morning at 106.4kg and Aimee weighed in at 68.3kg. That is an 18.1kg weight loss for me and a 12.3kg weight loss for Aimee. I owe a lot of my weight loss to the boys from the Panorama Goats. Pre-season training 2-3 times a week was absolutely phenomenal. Couple that on top of daily walks which started with us walking around the block (sore back, sore legs, puffed as all fuck) to walking 8-9 brisk kilometers toward the end without breaking a sweat and you have a beautiful weight loss routine.


Our weekly weight loss tracker. Sorry about the shit picture quality, I couldn’t be fucked changing taking a screenshot so I used my phone to snap it.

I feel better than I have in a long time. I can notice this especially on the football pitch. Last season, I probably played about 20 mins on the pitch per game and made barely a contribution to the team. This season I am playing the full 90 mins in my newly found position as a CB with my spectacularly amazing human partner in crime Alex right by my side. I have found much success, even winning goat of the game for my first full 90 mins.

That is one of the things I will miss most about being away. I will not be able to be with the goats, leading my team for the next 5 games. I know they will carve arse without me though. I have every belief that the boys are going to put an absolute smackdown on a seemingly pathetic Bathurst 75’s team tomorrow morning! Carn the goats!

Anyway, I am just putting the finishing touches on the packing for my trip now. I must say that I am nervous as I have never been away from home for this long. I have found another way that has made me calm for the flight. The thought I have been having is that if the plane crashes and I die on my way to America, it would have been the same outcome in the end as I believe that living without travelling is no way to live and if I did not at least give it a shot, I may as well be dead. However morbid that might sound, it has actually made me feel better.

Tonight we are heading to Sydney with Aimee’s family to stay at the hotel at the airport for the flight in the morning. We fly out at 12:00pm from SYD and we should arrive at 12:40pm at LAX with a stop over in AKL for 3 hours. I think we are just grabbing dinner tonight and resting at the hotel which should be nice.

My next post will be tomorrow morning prior to our flight and then I am not sure when the next one after that will be in Australia. It will be the morning of the 22nd in USA but this timezone shit confuses the hell out of me.

Thanks again for reading and I look forward to checking back in tomorrow morning (as a nervous wreck pre-valium I am sure!)

much love


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