Welcome To My Travel Blog

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – J.R.R Tolkien (The fellowship of the ring).

Welcome to my travel blog!

Hello to anyone and everyone who is interested in reading about what I have to say. I have decided to set up this blog to record my travel adventures.

My partner Aimee and I will be travelling to America for 6 weeks. We depart on May 20th. This will be the day of my first blog post. We are travelling to Sydney that day and staying there the night as we have a relatively early flight in the morning.

We are flying with Air New Zealand from Sydney to Auckland with a 2 hour stop-over and then from Auckland to Los Angeles. As this is our first time flying Air New Zealand, I am hoping to see some brilliant in-flight instructional video including hobbits.

As someone who experiences quite bad flight anxiety, I have decided to get my GP to prescribe me some Valium to take the edge off. I have never taken Valium before but I popped one of them bad boys this morning as a test run. It is certainly making this blog post easier to write.

Anyway, on our trip we are spending 3 and a half days in Los Angeles exploring on our own. Following this, we are embarking on Contiki’s Grand Southern tour which takes us across 23 US states over 25 days and ends in New York. Here is a map of the route we will be taking:

What an adventure this will be! So keen for all of these places!

Following the tour we are staying in New York for a additional 6 days and then flying to Oahu, Hawaii to enjoy our remaining 5 days before we return home.

I have purchaed a Go Pro Hero 5 so that I can create awesome video montages of the destinations and my adventures. While I am a complete amateur at video editing, I have watched many a Youtube tutorial video. I won’t be posting them for at least a few weeks after returning from our trip as the editing process may take me a while. However, I am excited to venture into video production.

This will be the longest amount of time that I have spent away from home. I cannot contain my excitement though. I look forward to sharing my adventures with the readers of this blog.

The next update will occur on the night of the 20th of May. I will put a post up on Facebook every time I have created a new post to make it easier to stay updated.

Much love.


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