Launceston Day 2

Yesterday we started off our day quite early because we again didn’t have a great sleep. We just miss our bed when we’re away from it but appreciate that we get to be on holiday.

We always have breakfast because we think it’s an important way to start the day but we’re not super keen on a sit down breakfast with eggs and bacon. We like a simple breakfast so we looked up best bakeries in Launceston and headed off for one called Bread & Butter for a coffee and a pastry. Bread & Butter was in a renovated warehouse with a beautiful display of fresh pastries. It was very busy but it didn’t take long to order. We got two coffees, a croissant and a blueberry & pistachio danish and headed outside and find a little corner so we could enjoy the morning sun. The pastries were buttery and flaky and the coffee was lovely and hit the spot.

After breakfast we headed to Cataract Gorge Reserve. Cataract Gorge is a big natural landmark just 1 kilometre from the city centre. There’s an almost 500 metre long chairlift that takes you to the other side and there’s lots of short walks to take. We wanted to ride the chairlift but we arrived before it started going we took some of the tracks to different vantage points. Along the way we crossed a suspension bridge and there were lots of pademelons and peacocks, even little tiny baby ones. Once we’d gotten back around to the start of the chairlift it was going so we purchased a ticket and boarded it. The trip was slow and steady. While on there we spotted an old grandma and a lady swimming in the murky lake waters. Very random as there is a pool on the lawns nearby. Once we reached the other side we decided to stroll back slowly even though we purchased a return ticket because the walk was really lovely.

After the Cataract Gorge we headed back into town to the City Park for a nice stroll and to see the Japanese macaques at the monkey enclosure in middle of the park. There were little sweet babies holding of their mothers, a cheeky monkey playing with a stick and one who was dramatically laid out in the sun with three others grooming it. They were pretty interesting and a fun little stop.

After this we drove out to Grindelwald. At Grindelwald there is a Swiss Shopping Village and Resort. We unfortunately didn’t have a lot of time to spend here but there were some fun activities like putt putt golfing, peddle boating and bouncing pillows. We were just here to kill time before lunch. There were some funny birds that made a funny oinking sound when they ran that amused us for a minute.

We had yesterday’s lunch booked for quite a while at a restaurant called Timbre at Velo Wines situated in the Tamar Valley wine region. There was an option for a small banquet meal, a larger banquet meal or to choose individual plates but we chose the larger banquet meal. There were 8 savoury dishes and dessert served over three courses. On the first round we charred baby corn with a creamy corn sauce and jalapeños, flatbread with labneh and tomatoes, beef tartare with a corn chip like cracker and wood smoked salmon with miso butter. Every one of these dishes were lovely but the flatbread with labneh was especially good. This was our first time eating raw beef but with the cracker which was salty it was actually quite good.

The second round included salad leaves with zucchini, cucumbers and parmigiano-reggiano, pepita pesto potatoes, chicken with almonds and salsa verde and pork belly with potato curry. The potato and chicken dishes were especially delicious. We paired our lunch with the winery’s Rosé which seemed to be a popular choice as all of the other tables had it too.

Finally we were on dessert and Ronnie says it’s one of the best desserts he’s ever had and it will not be beaten on the trip. It was miso caramel mousse with peanut butter and honeycomb. It was divine and a perfect ending to a very yummy meal.

After lunch we headed off on an a bit of an hours drive to Liffey Falls to do the walking track to the waterfall. We were a little tired and full from lunch but had quite a few hours to kill before dinner and we had planned to do this walk for a while. The drive was mostly fine until the end where the drive to the car park got very narrow, windy and a bit rocky and rough. Once we got to the car park we started the short 25 minute walk to the waterfall. The walk was peaceful and pretty easy with a pretty nice view at the end. It was quite a long drive though for a short walk.

By the time we got back to the Airbnb we were quite sleepy. We spent a couple of hours resting before dinner. When dinner time arrived we headed down to the lovely seaport area to our dinner spot called Mudbar Restaurant. The area was lovely at night and we were happy with our choice for dinner. We were sat at our table, given a drinks menu and left alone for quite a while. We’re not sure we were giving off annoyed vibes but after a while we had a waitress come over to our table and offer us a each a free drink for waiting for so long. I had already settled on ordering a margarita and they were totally fine with this being the free drink. Ronnie hadn’t planned on drinking but ordered a margarita too to take advantage of the hospitality.

We also ordered our food and sipped on the delicious cocktails while our food was prepared. I ordered salmon sashimi which we decided to share. It was fresh and light and was a nice little start to our meal.

For the mains I ordered soy roasted duckling and Ronnie had chicken with noodles and broth. We also got a serve of chips and aioli which didn’t quite fit the vibe of the menu but were yummy nonetheless. Our dinners were 10/10. The soy roasted duckling came with burnt rhubarb, choy sum and Korean rice cake which were amazing. Ronnie’s broth was sweet and scrumptious. It was a delightful dinner. When the bill was being settled they had included the margaritas but with a polite reminder that they were offered as complimentary they were immediately and happily taken off the bill. This was a lovely gesture and the service was great.

After dinner we headed home with the hopes of a good sleep because we so tired but alas, this was not to be. At 3am Ronnie was woken by a lot of noise. Once I’m asleep I can sleep through quite some noise, I even slept through the time we were in Forth Worth, Texas and somebody had entered our room when they had mistakenly been given a working key to our hotel room in the middle of the night. I didn’t find out about it until the next morning. Here the noise turned out to be someone trying to break in to the Airbnb we were staying at! Ronnie’s most expensive possessions were just inside the glass door including his wallet, Apple Watch, GoPro and rental car keys. These would have all been gone if the house wasn’t tightly locked up. Pardon the French, but Ronnie (dressed only in his underwear) called out to the young guy “Oi Cunt!!’ and the guy got startled and ran off.

Ronnie called the police and after a short while a police officer came around to take a statement and take a look around. He mentioned calling was the right thing to do because there had been a few burglaries in the area. He left and we saw him driving around the area for any sight of the guy. I got back to sleep after a while but Ronnie could only drift in and out after the unexpected event.

We’re now currently in a little cosy cottage in Stanley, famous for the Nut, listening to the rain having our best day yet on this holiday. We’ll tell you all about it tomorrow. If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading!

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