Coming to Tasmania

We’re off on another adventure! One we didn’t think we’d be taking for a long time. It was never our desire to travel within our home country until we’d seen much more of the world but in current times we wanted to make the most of the situation. We have a milestone anniversary in our relationship this year, a whole decade together, and we’ve always tried to celebrate our anniversary doing our favourite thing – traveling.

We wanted to go somewhere with great food, nice wine and beautiful views, and ideally interstate, and we think we’ve chosen well! We’re currently in Launceston, Tasmania at the start of a 10 day road trip around this scenically versatile state.

Early this morning we left Bathurst after a very sleepless night. The weather forecast was a little concerning for the drive to the airport and there was worry about how it would affect our travel plans. The worries were unfounded because we had a very smooth trip on the road and in the air. It was very strange being at the airport again after so long and it was packed! We waited in the bag drop line for almost an hour. Masks weren’t enforced in the airport even though we thought they were required, while they were enforced on the flight. We wore ours the whole time and it provided comfort when no one seemed to be social distancing.

We arrived at Launceston Airport, had our Covid travel declaration checked and took a convenient shuttle to the car rental pickup where the staff were lovely and efficient. We picked up our little red car we’ll have for the whole trip and set off for our Airbnb. We had missed lunch and didn’t want to be too full because we had a special dinner planned so we stopped in at Hungry Jacks for some cheeseburgers and chips on the way to our Airbnb.

We arrived to our Airbnb which is lovely older home with everything we need for the first two nights of our trip. We ate our snack in the lovely garden and then had a nap before dinner.

We had tonight’s dinner booked for quite a while. It was said to be a must visit restaurant. It is a steak restaurant called Black Cow Bistro. We hit the oddly quiet streets of the ‘city’ to make our reservation. We were warmly greeted and taken to our table. We first chose our wine, a 2017 Pinot Noir, which came in at $17 a glass! That’s what we normally paid for a whole bottle of wine from Dans but it actually was worth every cent. It was so smooth and a great pairing for steak. We started our meal with house made sourdough, cultured butter and roasted pumpkin seeds to sprinkle on top. A seemingly basic choice but it was executed perfectly.

We always set out to get steak although they do have some other limited choices. Ronnie chose a New York cut with roasted garlic Demi glaze and I chose a Cape Grim Tasmania sirloin with truffled béarnaise. Every steak is served with a potato galette with a drizzle of dijon cream sauce. For a side we chose roasted pumpkin and sweet potato with a lemon tahini yoghurt, which with how full we were at the end we probably didn’t need but it was delicious. The steak wowed us! It was perfectly juicy, perfectly medium-rare and the sauces were so yummy.

We have many more meals planned for our trip and this set the bar high. After dinner we wandered down the street to a dessert house. We’d had a reservation for here too and although there wasn’t much room left in our tummy’s we ordered a dessert each and a Nutella thickshake to share. Ronnie enjoyed a pana cotta with berry ice cream and I had my fave, sticky date pudding. The desserts hit the spot but the Nutella thickshake was the highlight. So delish!

On our drive home we were still shocked by how empty the streets were on Saturday night. We’re now back at the Airbnb for a better sleep than last night.

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