More Ibiza

Hola from the road to Granada. It was a long day in Ibiza and we’re on a pretty long journey now, but I am excited for our destination.

Day 9

We slept in this morning to about 9. It was pretty good. The walls in our hotel are paper thin and the air conditioner is loud though so the sleep was a little disturbed. We went down for the classic hotel breakfast and then went back up to our room for more R&R.

After a while we decided that we wanted to go do some kayaking so we went for a walk down to the beach. We soon discovered that the kayaking was pretty expensive and you could only kayak up a certain channel. Usually we are willing to splurge if it is for something that seems worth it – this didn’t. We ended up walking all the way into San Antoni which was not a bad walk.

We made our way through the sea of English tourists and sat down at a restaurant for lunch. Ibiza isn’t really known for Spanish food and every place here is just made to cater to tourists. Apparently during the winter it is a ghost town so there isn’t anything traditional about it.

We ordered a bbq pizza and some patatas bravas. The pizza was average but actually went down pretty well. The potatoes were good too and the sauce was nice and spicy. We were surprisingly impressed.

Quite a tasty pizza

We also had 2 frozen strawberry daiquiris each. Absolutely delicious and refreshing.

Delicious alcohol

We took a taxi back to the hotel after this and engaged in a Spanish tradition – the siesta. We slept for a few hours which was just great. Day sleeps are just one of them simple pleasures in life that I would do every single day if I was able to.

We woke up at about 6 and booked a seat at this famous cafe that apparently has a glorious view of the sunset over Ibiza called Cafe Del Mar. We did notice a strange thing that depending on the table you booked there was a minimum amount of spending. This should’ve been a red flag, but we wanted some sunset!

We jumped in a taxi to go to the hotel which was fine..until the dickhead rear ended someone. The dumbass driver was on his phone whilst in traffic and slammed into the back of another car. There was no damage to either the car or us. The driver was pretty apologetic, but still what a knob.

We ended up getting to the cafe and taking our seats. We ordered some Gyozas for a starter which were decent, Aimee thought they were undercooked but they tasted good.

Aimee ordered some nachos which she thought was okay. They used cheese sauce and lots of jalapeños which she doesn’t like but it’s kind of expected.

Pretty okay

I had a burger with some wedges which was pretty decent, but nothing spectacular.

Ibiza or Burger King?

We also had another strawberry daiquiri each which was good but the other place was better. All of this sounds like and okay and average meal, which it was. However, the problem was the price. All up this cost us €80. I mean, we are happy to pay a lot of money if we are getting a great meal/experience but this was not good. For context, we paid $130AUD for a burger, nachos, dumplings and 2 drinks. Honestly, I would say it was about the quality of a meal at panthers in Bathurst which I wouldn’t expect to pay any more than $50 all up for. Absolutely daylight robbery.

The worst part of it all was that the sunset was blocked by clouds so we didn’t see shit. We get that you pay a premium in Ibiza anyway and that with a world famous beautiful sunset, you could almost justify the price…almost. We didn’t get that – sun behind clouds – rats.

Still kind of nice…I guess?

Our time in Ibiza has some to an end. We are usually pretty positive travellers and are able to find the beauty and the goodness in most places that we visit, but not Ibiza. Ibiza is overrated. The beaches aren’t nice, the people are fleas, the street urchins are annoying (they even come into restaurants to try and flog stuff off whilst you’re eating) and above all else you just feel like you’re getting ripped off all of the time. We’re pretty happy to be going back to mainland Spain.

The one positive that I can say is that we did not get to the other side of the island which apparently is a bit nicer. If we were to recommend Ibiza, we’d say try there and stay away from San Antoni.

If you want to come to Ibiza to go clubbing – here is a quick breakdown of prices. Approx €35-€40 taxi to club (most clubs are in the middle of nowhere due to noise restrictions). Between €40-€60 to get into the clubs, more if it’s a big night like David Guetta at Ushuaia. €10 for 330ml of water, €15 for a beer and €30 for a cocktail. So if you went to a superclub in Ibiza, had a beer, a cocktail and a water after a few hours of dancing – that would cost you all up €155 each or $253AUD and you wouldn’t even be drunk. I’m sure pingers are cheaper but who knows, you’d still have to pay for cab, water and cover charge. Give me a cheap beer in a quiet pub any day of the week.

Itemised Spending:

  • Cold and flu tablets (for Aimee) – €7
  • ATM Fee – €5 (ugh)
  • Lunch with daiquiris – €53
  • Taxis – €35
  • Dinner – €80
  • Snacks – €8
  • Total: €188
  • Under budget – somehow. This could’ve blown our very quickly. We’re very happy to be going back to mainland Spain today – see you tomorrow from Granada.
  • Ronnie and Aimee
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