Barcelona to Ibiza

Buenos Dias! It’s about 10:30am and we’re just chilling in Ibiza before heading out to the beach. Yesterday was a huge travel day and it involved a lot of waiting around.

Day 8

We got to have another big sleep in by Contiki standards due to not leaving for the airport until 10:30. We went down to the hotel breakfast and then were on our way. Barcelona airport was really packed and although we had a scheduled departure of 2pm Zach warned us that he has never had a flight to Ibiza that has left on time. So we had a lot of waiting around at the airport to do.

Firstly we spent a bit of time smelling lots of perfumes and colognes at the duty free shop. Then we went to Starbucks and finally we went to Burger King for a snack. After this we did a lot of sitting. We felt like we were at the airport way too early. Our flight ended up being delayed by 40 minutes.

The flight to Ibiza was really quick and smooth and the plane was so roomy compared to many others we have been on. When we got to Ibiza airport we had to wait quite a while for all of the groups bags and then we had to do more waiting for the bus driver to take us to our hotel – this took ages and was boring.

We fuckin hate airports

We finally got to the hotel which is in San Antoni. The first thing we noticed is the sheer number of British people who are here. Ibiza to British is the Bali to Australians. England definitely do not send their finest people to Ibiza. It’s mostly trashy people, guys with no shirts on all day and night with a bumbag strapped around their body and girls with see through clothing, lip filler and fake tans. They’re actually quite funny to listen to and watch. It actually feels like you’re in a fuckin episode of Geordie Shore but uglier.

We went for a dip in the pool which was nice and then after that we took a cab for dinner at a place called Rio Bar. The reason we chose Rio is because we had an included dinner at the hotel but it was a shit buffet and we weren’t down for that and we were meeting the group at Rio afterwards.

We had some Gyoza as a starter. They were okay, nothing special and nothing you can’t get at any Chinese restaurant. We then had a massive seafood paella.

Very nice paella

This paella was much more like the paella that we expected. Mussels, crab legs and prawns mixed in with rice and vegetables. It was pretty nice but also really messy to eat. The paella that I make it still better though.

We finished our dinner just as the group arrived which was perfect timing. We had planned a 2 hour all you can drink. We embarked on this. I (Ronnie) hooked into the vodka pineapple juices and Aimee had Sangria. I would say if this was in Australia we didn’t get our money’s worth, but here we probably did. Everything in Ibiza is far more expensive than anywhere else. Drinks range from €20-15 at bars and like €30 at clubs (about $50AUD!!).

Lots of the group were going to one of the superclubs for a foam party after this. We politely declined and went back to the hotel for sleep. We’re glad we declined because apparently the foam party didn’t start until 5am!!! Whatttttt?! Yeah things work on a strange time frame here.

Itemised spending:

  • Coffee at airport – €8
  • BK at airport – €6
  • Water at airport – €2
  • Vending machine snacks – €4
  • Taxi to dinner – €15
  • Towel and snacks – €15
  • Dinner at Rio – €55
  • Open bar (2h) – €61
  • Taxi home – €10
  • Total: €176
  • Still under budget. It felt like we spent a lot more because things are more expensive. If we were anywhere else in Spain, this would have been a lot more under budget.
  • A full day in Ibiza tomorrow!
  • Ronnie and Aimee
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