Raleigh day 1

We woke up in Savannah for the beginning of a long drive day. We grabbed some breakfast in the hotel lobby (classic bagel) and then we jumped onto the coach. A few hours later and our first stop we were in Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston is the largest and oldest city in South Carolina. It is really pretty with its cobblestone streets and French architecture. It was the site of a mass shooting where a white supremacist shot 9 black people while they were at a church service. That shooting happened almost 2 years ago to the day. As we arrived a very southern local tour guide jumped on our bus and gave us a tour around the city. It was really interesting and she was funny but I was just so tired and fell asleep while she was talking.


After her tour we got a few hours in Charleston for lunch and to look around. We went to lunch at a Harbourside seafood restaurant called Fleet Landing it had views of the harbour while we ate seafood. Top quality. One thing I don’t think I have mentioned but I have a of love for in America is free soft drink refills. They do it everywhere, I have not been charged for a single refill. This place refilled without even asking. As someone who likes to drink a lot, I definitely can appreciate it. At the fuckin church bar in Bathurst I gotta buy 3 of them shitty little cokes at like $4 each to satisfy me during a meal. Here it’s $2.00 for unlimited cokes. A thing that I will miss dearly in Australia. Probably good though because I am going to diet hard when I get back. At this restaurant I got a flounder sandwich which was great and then we shared our first key lime pie and god fuckin damn it was good. It was kind of like a lemon tart, but sweeter and creamier. Absolutely spectacular. Love love love key lime pie!

We walked around Charleston for a bit and there were these beautiful giant fountains that had all these kids playing in it, was so awesome. The kids were just loving being in the fountains and water features. It was a nice hot day too. I was envious and wanted to join them hahaha. For the last half an hour we did our Starbucks hideaway trick to enjoy their aircon before the long ass bus ride to Raleigh, North Carolina. The bus rides was another 4-5 hours which i am really over at this point. We did watch a few episodes of Orange is the New Black season 5 though, which has been great so far! We finally got to Raleigh, NC. I have lost count of how many states we’ve been in, I think it is our 18th or 19th? Around that mark. If anyone is counting, let me know!

We unpacked quickly and got back on the coach to drive to our included dinner at a place called Golden Corral. It is a massive ass buffet that has all of the different types of food that you can think of. Eating what we have been recently, I loaded up on vegetables. Classic peas, carrots, spinach, corn, fuckin good shit, felt nice to eat that. Then ruined it all with some fat desserts, it was good lol We were in dire need of laundry so Braden and Alex dropped a bunch of us off at this 24 hour massive laundromat. Aimee and I put a load of washing in this massive washing machine. It was cool. Though at the end of the load, the washing machine fucked up and didn’t drain the water. The clothes were washed but they were fuckin soaking wet. We chucked them all into the basket and wet the floor massively. It was shite. We rolled it over to a dryer and loaded it in there for like half an hour and dried to bastards. By this time it was so late and I was fuckin tired from travelling all day that we ubered it home and went to bed. Tomorrow is another relatively long drive day but if is definitely a more exciting destination!!

Much love


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