Albuquerque day 1 – it’s all good man

I am the one who knocks! – Walter White (Breaking Bad)

So I went to sleep drunk last night and did not wake up with a hangover so I feel great about that. The mattress in the hotel was memory foam so it made for a fuckin awesome sleep even though it was not long enough! Anyway I cannot emphasise enough how beautiful Durango is. It is the only place thus far that I could see myself living at.


On the agenda for the morning was be at the coach by 7:45 for Aimee and some people in our group to go horseback riding in the mountains and for me to go white water rafting with some other in the group. Aimee said that she loved the horseback riding and that it was a slow stroll but her horse was good and the scenery was magnificent. The rafting was equally awesome. It wasn’t like really rough rapids, there were a few good ones but nothing too bad. Mostly it was a pretty leisurely paddle down the animas river. The water was fucking freezing. The snow was melting off the mountains and flowing into the river that made it ice cold. It definitely woke up me! No-one fell in but a couple of people jumped in. The highlight of this though was definitely our guide. This guy was so fuckin funny. He busted out all of the most disgusting foul jokes on a constant basis, his repertoire of jokes was massive. Don’t be surprised if I pull some of them bad boys out when I get home. At the end we played this fun games with the paddles that is kind of hard to explain, but I won it so that was awesome haha


After this I met back up with Aimee and we had lunch at this nice woodfired pizza place – Margherita pizza as always. As far as I’m concerned there really is no other type of pizza. Then we went to this really quaint and nice ice cream place called Cream Bean Berry. I got a vanilla bean ice cream in a waffle cone and aw man it was delicious.

Following this it started raining but luckily we were getting on the coach to head out to our 6th state New Mexico where we would be staying in Albuquerque for the night. When we got here we were told that we had a 4:30 wake up the next morning so we planned a quiet night. We had dinner which was a buffet at the hotel it was super standard but they had veggies which were much needed!’ I enjoyed that! We were about to head to our room for an early night but then Dominic, this guy on our tour from Switzerland came and asked us if we wanted to go with him to see some breaking bad sites as we had discussed it before. Of course we said yes. We were also joined by Nick, an accountant from New Zealand.

We caught an Uber to Los pollos Hermanos which was Gustavo Frings chain restaurant in the show where he distributes his “product”. It actually isn’t called Los Pollos Hermanos – it’s called Twisters. It was a solid half an hour drive and when we got there is was about 9pm and it was closed. However we could see people in there so we asked them if we could come in and take picture. They said yes! So that was fun! After that we ubered it over to Walter Whites house. By this time it was about 10pm. I read reviews on the way there and there is an old lady who lives there and hates people taking photos of the house and she abuses everyone who shows up. So naturally we got there and we were in luck! She must’ve been asleep. So we proceed to take photos and video (not great cause night time). Next minute, the garage door starts rolling up. I was hoping Walter White would roll out but nope, just some fat old lady going off her head hahaha it was hilarious. So unfriendly! What did she expect renting her house to a tv show! Anyway we legged it a bit away to avoid the abuse and caught an Uber back to the hotel. What an adventure!





Anyway we have a 4:30 wake up for hot air ballooning tomorrow! Also tomorrow is the day I take on the 2kg steak, awww yeahh!!

Much love


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