NZ South Island – Queenstown & Arrowtown

We started today off slowly with a nice sleep in. We were changing hotels tonight to one a lot closer to the town centre so we packed up our things and checked out late morning. We decided to skip breakfast because we were still full from our dinner the night before so after we checked our we just grabbed a coffee nearby and then continued onto Arrowtown.

Arrowtown is a historic village with a history of gold mining. It attracts a lot of people because of this. The main street is full of old buildings containing boutique shops and cafes. We wandered up and down the streets for a while before deciding we’d head back to the bakery for a good old satisfying pie.

We both went for a mince and cheese pie and we shared a cheese roll. A cheese roll is a NZ South Island specialty. At the bare minimum it is a slice of bread with a slice of cheese which is then rolled up and toasted. Many have other fillings including French onion soup mix which we think this one might have had. It was good and pies were nice and had lots of really gooey cheese in them.

It was really sunny but it sprinkled while were eating. Once we were done it was just sunny again so we got a small gelato each from Patagonia. Our flavours this time were hokey pokey and dulce de leche. Very yummy. We ate them in the park and when we were finished we took a 15 minute drive back to town.

We couldn’t find a parking spot so we just headed to the area near our next activity. We had some time to kill so we went to a brewery nearby and sat in the sun with a drink. After a bit of time we headed over to sit near the Shotover River to wait for check-in time for the most famous jet boat ride in Queenstown, the Shotover Jet.

Ronnie boarded the boat and Aimee found a good spot of the river for some good viewing. It was a really fun activity. The boat driver made a few stops to tell a few interesting facts in between the tight turns and spins. The boat only needs 10 centimetres of water depth to operate and it weighs 3 tonnes with 2 V8 engines at the back. At the final spin back at the pier there was a big splash and everyone got a bit soaked. After it was over Ronnie was given a free t-shirt as we had to change our booking at their request.

We then headed to our new hotel to check-in. We managed to get street parking close by which is really lucky. We dropped our bags and then headed down near the lake to the Minus 5 Ice Bar. The Ice Bar is a bar where almost everything is made of ice. It’s actually just over -7 degrees Celsius in the bar and you can definitely feel it! You are supplied with a warm jacket and gloves with rubber on them so you can grip your ice glass. We had some drinks and then when we were done we smashed them into the ice bin. Ronnie was feeling the effects of the drinks big time.

Once we couldn’t bare the cold any longer we went to have an early dinner at The Cow. They sat us right near the fire which was much appreciated after the Ice Bar. This place gets extremely busy so we were lucky to get a table right away. We shared a garlic bread (which was huge and delicious), a pizza and spaghetti bolognese. The pizza and pasta were pretty standard but were satisfying.

We followed dinner with dessert at the Cookie Time Bar. We had a Rainbow Cookie Shake and a warm cookie Caramel Sundae. Both were really decadent and pushed us into the too full category. We had a big hill to walk up back to our hotel and felt really heavy.

We’re now back at the hotel nursing our sore bellies from too much food. We’re just chilling and watching tv and getting ready to sleep before we wake tomorrow for our final full day in Queenstown.

Coffee – $4
Bakery – $20
Brewery drinks – $8
Dinner – $66
Cookie Time – $18
Total – $116

Much love,
Ronnie & Aimee

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