NZ South Island – Te Anau to Queenstown

Hello everyone. We woke up to another sunny NZ day. The weather over here has actually been beautiful. All sun and clear sky. I don’t suspect it will stay that way but we will enjoy it while we can. Daylight savings started here today too so we should have some later days. We decided to grab some toasties from the same bakery as yesterday. Ham, cheese, onion and pineapple. Not bad, not bad at all.

After we ate brekky we checked out of our airbnb and got on the road to Queenstown. It was about a 2 hour drive which wasn’t too bad at all. We pulled up at our favourite car park in Queenstown and walked into the town centre to tackle the famous Fergburger.

Fergburger is a Queenstown institution. It is known far and wide as the best burger in the world. It is open for most hours of the day and the line is ALWAYS enormous. We jumped in the queue which actually moved pretty quickly. We ordered the Classic Fergburger with Cheese and a Bullseye burger which has a steak on it instead of beef pattie.

The burgers definitely lived up to the hype. They were big, fresh and delicious. They aren’t dirty burgers like you’d find at places like Milky Lane. They are clean and the ingredients are incredibly fresh. We went down to the lakeside and ate them and enjoyed every second of it.

After we had Fergburger we decided to get some lunch dessert. We went over to Patagonia which is also a Queenstown institution that sells desserts. They have three sections (Gourmet chocolates, Dessert creations and Gelatos). We opted for a gelato each in a cup. We had a Tramontana (Cream & Caramel) with milk chocolate drizzled on top as well as a strawberries & cream gelato with white chocolate drizzled on the top. The chocolate drizzle was great because it solidifies immediately because of the cold (kind of like ice magic!). These gelatos were sensational. We will definitely be back here to try the other sections.

We went and grabbed a coffee at Starbucks after this. Aimee realised they sell her favourite drink that she was drinking a ton of in America, the Strawberry Açai Refreshers, so she got one of them and she loved it. She has looked for this drink for 5 years. Pretty happy.

After that we spent the next little bit of time walking around the town centre and the pier in Queenstown. It is really quite nice. All of the buildings are clean and modern and the walkways are lovely. It was a nice little explore. We ducked to Kmart (again!) to buy some more supplies and went to check into our hotel which is the 5 star Hilton Resort & Spa. Oath.

We didn’t get a whole lot of time to appreciate the massive room before we had to leave. We headed over to Arthur Town (about 10 mins from QT) for our next activity which was the Onsen Hot Pools. This was probably the first thing we put on our list when we decided to go to NZ. It is an absolute luxury hot tub with a spectacular view of mountains behind the Shotover river. They also arrange fresh juice (or wine) and snacks to be put next to the hot tub for your enjoyment. It was an hour of absolute relaxation and bliss.

We returned to the hotel for a few hours of rest and preparation before heading back into QT town centre for dinner. We had a reservation at a Mexican restaurant called Margo’s. As soon as we got in there the vibe was really great. We ordered a couple of plates to share. Firstly we got two salsa’s with white corn chips. Salsa verde and Salsa Fresca. The corn chips were light and crisp and the salsas were juicy and delicious. We also ordered some mocktails throughout the meal – Frozen virgin margaritas and mango mules that were great!

Then we got coconut prawns that were battered and had a Valentina mayo, mango drizzle and pickled cabbage. Let us tell you, this dish was to die for. Absolutely a 10/10. Could not get enough of it.

After that we had Coca Cola pork ribs with a corn crumble and chipotle mustard. Another 10/10. The ribs were saucy, perfectly cooked and the chipotle mustard was unreal.

Then we ordered a couple of tacos. We started with the fish taco which was market fish on a flour tortilla, cantina slaw, pickled onions and drive-thru sauce (their version of big-Mac sauce). It was a great combination of flavours and went down deliciously.

The other taco we had was the Zamora Pork Longanzina taco. It was on a bao bun with pickled pineapple, Valentina mayo, chicharron crumble and pickled onions. They said it was their Mexican inspired take on a hot dog. It was fantastic. The flavours were weird but went together so perfectly.

After all that amazing food of course we had to try their dessert. We ordered the Churros which came with a Mexican hot chocolate sauce, a dulce de leche and a soft whipped cream. The churros were cooked perfectly. They’re better than the ones in Spain – fantastic. The chocolate sauce and the de leche were great. Just wow.

Overall the food at Margo’s was to die for. One of the best meals we have ever eaten. Could not fault it – even the staff were really great. They describe everything to you when they bring it to the table and give great recommendations. If you’re ever in Queenstown – make it a priority. You won’t be disappointed.

Toastie breakfast – $22
Fuel – $50
Parking – $3
Fergburger – $40
Patagonia – $16
Coffee – $12
Lollies from shop – $24
Kmart – $24
Margo’s dinner – $127
Total – $318

Much Love,
Ronnie & Aimee

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