New Zealand South Island – SYD – ZQN

Hello everyone!

We are off on a new adventure. It has been a hot minute since we have been overseas. The time has come. You might be thinking we have been to NZ before, and you’d be right about that. However, last time we were in the North Island. This time we are staying exclusively in the South Island and going on a road trip all around the island. That means we will have daily blogs for the next 25 days.

We started the day with a little tradition that we partake in every time we leave on a trip. We will eat a sausage roll. We got them from IGA yesterday (the fresh section) and cooked them up in the oven for breakfast. Fantastic – as always. Then we finished the last of our packing and got going. It was actually quite a pleasant drive to Sydney because we were able to listen to the commentary of the Eagles game who were absolutely dominant today. Go birds!

The drive was very smooth. It was the first time we were at the international airport in 3.5 years. Let us tell you, it was still dead. The lines for check-in and security were tiny and fast which is usually the opposite. It was a dream. This may have had something to do with it being a Tuesday, but we were not going to complain.

We had some lunch here at Taste of Thai which we also had last time we were here. It was excellent yet again, We had a Beef Hokkien Noodles and Maggi Goreng Tom Yum with a couple of Schweppes Lemon Lime & bitters. The Goreng Tom Yum was fantastic and had brilliant spices and flavour that went down an absolute treat. The Hokkien Noodles were average. This Thai place is before you go through security if you’re looking for it. That’s a little trick at SYD – always eat before you go through security or your options become limited and terrible.

The flight took a little bit to get going as some people checked their bags in and then did not get on the plane. Who does that? So they had to fish their luggage off the plane which delayed us about half an hour. The flight was good, not bumpy at all and flew by. Approx 2.5 hours in total which is actually shorter than quite a few of the domestic flights. ZQN airport was dead. We got through security very quickly and jumped in a cab to drive us to our car rental. Which was about 5 minutes down the road.

After getting into our car we drove down to the only thing within the vicinity of where we are staying that was open and unfortunately for us the only thing that is open is McDonalds. A couple of McChicken meals later and we were fed. It was pretty decent for McDonalds. Freshly cooked – but still McDonalds, so average.

We drove back to the hotel we are staying at – the LQ. It’s just a normal hotel nearby the airport. NZ is 2 hours ahead of us so by the time we got into the room it was 10:30pm and we settled in and started writing this blog. We start our Queenstown adventure tomorrow and we cannot wait! Hopefully we can get some decent sleep tonight.

Sausage Rolls – $10
Airport Thai Lunch – $45
Airport Taxi – $28
McDonalds – $27
Total – $110

Much Love,
Ronnie & Aimee

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