Hobart Day 2 Ft. afternoon trip to Port Arthur

We started this morning off waking up to some rain. We planned to go the Salamanca Market this morning. The market attracts lots of people to it’s 230 stalls and they run every Saturday at Salamanca. We waited for the rain to clear which didn’t take too long and headed just down the hill to one of the many market entry points. We were getting hungry and were keen to get a bite for breakfast at the markets.

Our first bite to eat at the markets were a jam filled donut and a satay chicken skewer. They weren’t too bad and just the start of the many foods we ate. We continued walking up one lane of the market and spotted a stall selling cookies and other sweets. They were selling a caramel and walnut shortbread slice type thing. We bought a small slice and took it with us to a coffee stall so Ronnie could have a coffee with it. While we were waiting for the coffee we were just people watching. An odd character came up to the stall next to us and was over the top nice about the berries they were selling. I was trying to convince Ronnie to get some blackberries but for $10 he was not keen. When Ronnie got his coffee we opened up the shortbread slice and munched on it. It was okay, it just wasn’t very sweet and a bit bland.

We were still in the hunt for more food. The next thing that caught our attention was a Gypsy Roll. It was a cevapi (skinless sausage) with salad and strawberry sweet chilli sauce in a mountain bread wrap. It was tasty and Ronnie loved it. We continued wandering and some crispy donut balls had caught my eye. There were a few different toppings to choose from but I went with the simple Cinnamon topping. They were covered in sugar syrup and the cinnamon. They were so moreish, if I had an unlimited supply I wouldn’t know when to stop. They weren’t like cinnamon donut balls you get from donut shops or supermarkets. They were super crispy on the outside and airy in the middle. So yummy.

The market was beginning to get very crowded. We started coming back up another lane of market stalls and saw a line at a food stall. They were selling tempura mushrooms. I love mushrooms so I was keen to try! I got a taster portion which was just too and there were plenty of sauce options to choose from but I went with plum. They were good, just nice battered mushrooms.

We were getting back to the start of the market and I had yet to spend money on anything non-food related and thought I was in the clear. Almost at the end I spotted a cute polka dot cardigan which was super soft and I decided to buy it for when winter arrives this year. After this we were finished at the markets.

Because we are unstoppable when it comes to eating on holidays we stopped in a donut store I had heard about on the way back to the Airbnb. The shop is called Lady Hester. They only had about 5 flavours to choose from but we got the dark chocolate and pistachio one to share. We ate it as soon as we got back to the apartment and it was pretty good. Nice and creamy in the centre and the dark chocolate wasn’t overly rich. I thought it tasted a bit like yo-go.

We spent some time at the apartment before we headed out.. for more food! We headed to a burger place called the Standard right near the CBD of Hobart. It has an American burger bar kind of vibe. Ronnie got the standard beef burger, I got the fried chicken burger and we got pulled pork buffalo fries to share. We sat upstairs and there were arcade games around. We managed to eat almost anything. The food was good. We’ve been ruined for burgers forever after having the best one ever in Jindabyne and these ones definitely didn’t beat that but they were fine. The issue was how incredibly full we were after this meal. We were at breaking point that we were feeling sleepy and ill from how much we had eaten. We had plans though that had been booked specifically for that day.

After lunch we took the hour and fifteen minute drive to the Port Arthur Historic Site. Once we arrived we got our map and set off for a big walk around the grounds. You can book a free introductory tour and boat ride but we decided to skip these. There is so much info to read at each building that although the tour would be fine we got by perfectly without it. The Port Arthur Historic Site is huge! We only had a couple of hours to explore and we were so wrecked at this time that we didn’t see even half of it. We visited the Penitentiary, the officers quarters, the asylum and separate prison where people were stripped of their identify and were subject to very harsh treatment for ordinary crimes. We also visited the Port Arthur Memorial Garden commemorating the people who died there in the mass shooting.

Feeling drained we headed back to Hobart with a brief stop at the Tasman Arch, a natural landmark which is the remains of an old sea cave. It was pretty cool. We spent a lot of time resting for dinner. We had to go out for dinner as we had booked it a while ago and it is the number 1 restaurant in Hobart on TripAdvisor. We were both struggling to feel keen for dinner because of how run down we were feeling. However, we got ready and headed out.

Our dinner this night was at Urban Greek, obviously with Greek cuisine. For drinks, I ordered a local pear cider and Ronnie got a house-made lemonade. Very refreshing. We decided to share an entrée which was saganaki cheese with fig jam. Saganaki cheese is a Greek cheese similar to haloumi and paired with the sweetness it was a delicious combination. We both enjoyed this and Ronnie said it was one of the best dishes he had while we’d been in Tasmania.

We then moved on to our mains. Ronnie was served a Cretan mix of chicken and lamb in pita bread with a side of lemon potatoes and tzatziki. I got lamb mince skewers with pita bread, sidewinder fries, a tomato and onion salad and two sauces, a cold napoli sauce and a creamy mint sauce. The mains were scrumptious too.

We managed to fit in dessert, being a baclava sandwich with pistachio gelato in the centre. It was perfectly sweet and you just can’t go wrong with pistachio gelato. It is the King or Queen of all gelato flavours. This meal overall was incredibly enjoyable. The restaurant had a casual vibe, the service was great and the food was delightful. It absolutely deserves it’s number 1 spot we think.

We got back to our Airbnb after our late dinner very sleepy and so ready for bed. We had one more full day in Tasmania coming up and we wanted to feel refreshed for it.

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