Bay of fires…or Waters

We woke up on this rainy morning in the lovely log cabin at cradle mountain. We had a long drive ahead of us but before we did this we still had some unfinished business at cradle mountain. An early wake up allowed us to make it to our complimentary continental breakfast, which was okay but nothing special as expected.

Then we decided to go on the enchanted walk. This is a beautiful little walk around the creek that we overlooked during yesterday’s spa. It is another of Tasmania’s 60 short walks.

Aimee fell over right at the start of the Enchanted walk which was hilarious, a few scrapes and scratches but luckily no real damage. The walk lives up to its name. It is enchanting. Particularly as it was slightly rainy, it really added to the atmosphere. It was a quiet and easy stroll through rainforesty type scenery. Just lovely.

We were on the lookout for wombats during this walk, but unfortunately for us it we didn’t see any, plenty of pademelons though!

After this it was unfortunately time to leave cradle mountain. What a beautiful place it was.

We drove for about an hour through quite treacherous conditions (very rainy, lots of twists, turns and narrow roads). We then came to the Tasmania Food + Wine conservatory. We grabbed a coffee and a donut. Not an ordinary donut though, it was a strawberry curd filled brioche donut and was absolutely delightful!

Then we drove another half an hour up the highway to the Christmas Hills Raspberry farm for lunch. Everything on the menu here has some element of raspberry or strawberry. We ordered a raspberry crepe, chat potato’s with chilli strawberry sauce and two raspberry lassi for our drinks. Overall it wasn’t too good. The crepe was too tart. But it wasn’t too bad either, the lassis were good.

Then we set off on our 2.5 hour drive to Binnalong bay. Little did we know that this drive would be a challenging one. It started out well, good highway driving even though it was raining the whole time. Eventually though we got to the road between Fingal and St Marys which is where it turned sour. We had gotten caught up in flood waters. We had to drive through two bridges that has overflowed and police had traffic stopped up ahead.

At this point it was absolutely pissing down rain and the situation was growing more dire. A crash occurred within the flood water which is what was stopping us from moving forward. My concern was that we could not move forward cause of the flood and the crash and the longer we waited the sooner our ability to turn around and drive through the other flood waters would diminish. This certainly heightened the anxiety. Eventually the crash got moved and police escorted us through further flood waters which was very dicey. As soon as we got through they closed the road. Scary!

We drove the rest of the way to our accommodation for the night which was the Bay Of Fires Bush retreat – Glamping! Unfortunately again for us, camping/glamping is not real good in the pissing down rain. The tent we were staying in was beautiful and the bed was luxurious.

The whole set up here was rather nice and on a dry day it would be really really good. The couple who own the bush retreat prepare you a platter for dinner which you can opt to buy, we did this.

The platter had a collection of pickled vegetables, bread, cheeses, dips, fruit, crackers, terrine, and salamis. It was not the best thing we have ever eaten but again it wasn’t too bad. The hummus was nice as was the cheese. Aimee didn’t like the pickling of the vegetables and pickled cherries? Wtf? Why?

It rained for most of the night and we took the opportunity to get a nice sleep in a comfy bed whilst listening to the rain pitter patter on the tent as we drifted off.

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