NZ Day 6 – Taupo

Hi again friends!

Today was a bit of a sad day but it was also relaxing and fun. The reason that it was sad is that we had a massive hike planned for today. It’s called the Tongariro Alpine crossing. It is a 20km hike through alpine region and is apparently beautiful. We had to cancel our hike due to extreme weather. We had been training for this for the last 6 weeks and it is sad that we weren’t able to do it. We were not going to let that ruin our day though – with no plan and nothing to go on, we set forth to find something to do on a rainy ass day in Taupo.

We googled some stuff and found out that there was an escape room in Taupo called “The Locked Room”. Having done an escape room in Sydney before, we knew they were fuckin awesome. For anyone who does not know what an escape room is, it is a physical themed room that has a stack of different locks and puzzles to solve, generally within a time limit. We decided to give it a go. It was 12 kms out of town which we though was weird. The GPS took us to a farm property, which had no signage. We rolled in there confused as all fuck and we decided to leave but as we did this old woman came out and told us we were in the right place. She took us over to a shipping container which contained the escape room. It was pretty fun honestly and we almost completed it. We literally fucked up the last wire on the bomb that would have won us the room. It was absolutely dog. She said that had we got out, we would’ve been the 7th fastest group to finish it. Unfortunate! It was pretty cool though overall. Love escape rooms!

After that we found this place called “Prawn Park” we decided to check it out. It is a place that you can go and go prawn fishing. You catch the prawns using a fishing pole with some meat and a hook. It’s fuckin way harder than it seems. It’s not like fishing when you feel a bite you jag the line. When you feel the first bite, its just the prawns pulling on the meat with their legs. They then fight over it for a bit, then run away and try and eat the meat, that is when you get them – patience is key. Lorant caught two and the rest of us didnt catch any. Then you cook your own prawns at the stoves there. Whilst we failed pretty hard, it was also quite fun and took up a decent chunk of the day.

Prawn Fishing
At the prawn park
Prawn Fishing

After this we went into Taupo and had some ramen for lunch at a little Japanese cafe, it was alright but just alright. We decided that we were going to have some home cooked meal tonight and play board games because the rain was so poor and we had nothing to do. So we did that. Oven baked some pizzas and garlic bread whilst we played trivial pursuit and Scattegories and we watched a movie. We had this down day because we know our time in Wellington is going to be pretty big. It was still fun to hang out and relax but it does kind of feel like a bit of a wasted day, but there is not a lot to do in Taupo on a very rainy day.

Anyway, we are off to Wellington for our last two days tomorrow. Talk to you guys tomorrow night!

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