A new adventure

Hi guys!

It has been well over 8 months since we last spoke. Which means it has been about 8 months since we got back from America and oh boy do I miss it! I spent a whole day a few weeks ago finishing my second America video, it turned out pretty well and I feeling like I am getting better at it. For anyone who didn’t see it:

It has been a pretty decent rest of the year. Mostly filled with me sitting at my desk at work daydreaming about all of the places that I want to travel to. Anyway, I turned 30 last night. It is a strange feeling, by which I mean I still feel the same as I did, but in my head I know it is quite a milestone and a represents the transition to middle age. I guess you don’t really put a lot of thought into ageing until you start hitting milestones like 30. If turning 30 has taught me anything (other than my body can no longer tolerate copious amounts of alcohol) it is that I need to travel more whilst I am young. We considered settling down and buying a house, but there is just too much of the world we are yet to have seen and too many things we are yet to have done that we need to do it now before we run out of time. That said, we have a big trip planned for 2019, but we couldn’t wait until then to travel again so we decided that we needed a small overseas holiday in the meantime.

(Me passed out at about 9:30PM on my 30th)

We are going on a road trip in New Zealand’s north island. We are flying out on the morning of the 17th of February (6 days from today). We are flying into Auckland and moving through the south, eventually ending our trip in Wellington 8 days later. The order of places that we are visiting is as follows:

Auckland, Ha hei, Matamata, Waitomo, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington.

This time we are doing self-travel and not with a tour company. Through research, we suspect that NZ is enough like Australia that we should be able to navigate it without too many issues. Whilst, I very much love the Contiki-style of travelling and it is perfect for my travel style, there was no tour that really suited our time frame so we decided to plan it ourselves. That is not to say that we will be changing our travel style on this trip, quite the opposite in fact. We have an absolutely packed itinerary. It will be early mornings, late nights and million things packed in between. People have often said to me “wouldn’t you like a holiday where all you do is relax?” and the answer is no, not really. My reasoning behind that is that I am an adventure traveller, I want to see everything and do everything. If I wanted to relax, I could do that in front of my TV with my Xbox controller in my hand.

Anyway, this trip will mark a first for us in that it isn’t just Aimee and I travelling together, we are travelling with another couple, our friends Lorant and Bec. This is the first time that we have travelled with friends. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, I have some pretty great friends and whilst I love sharing experiences with Aimee, I think sharing it with friends will be great too. I mean, we always share are trips with new friends that we make whilst on the trip, but this time it is people who are already friends that we have shared so much with at home, I think it will be nice to experience travel with them.

Anyway, on this trip we are doing a 20km hike through alpine regions – it is called the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. This has given me motivation to try and get fit so that I can actually do this hike without dying. I started training for is approximately 5 weeks ago. In that time, I have lost 7kg which I am pretty happy about considering I gained back nearly all of my pre-America weight loss due to poor eating and a sedentary off season! This has motivated me though, I also won’t stop when we get back because we are now moving into the football season and I intend on having one of the best seasons of my career. I have pledged to score 5 goals for the PFC Goats this season. This is a huge call considering I have never scored a goal for the goats and have been on the nudie run two years straight. I’m calling it now though, its happening.

Anyway, I look forward to writing my daily blog whilst I am in New Zealand and I hope that anyone reading this will enjoy following me on my adventure.


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