Washington DC Day 3

A fucked up wake up this morning. Wake up and feel like absolute shit. Smash a few more voms in the toilet each and Aimee was too sick to get up so I went and grabbed some breakfast for us with a few of the other from the group who were also hungover or still drunk. We went to a little place next to the hotel called Breadfurst. It’s like a baker except big and you lineup and order cafeteria style. I got French toast, a croissant and a cappuccino. The French toast and croissant were good but the coffee was absolute dogshit. America legit can’t do coffee, weakest effort. Honestly, I couldn’t even drink it. Maccas in Australia does better coffee than the best coffee over here and that is saying a lot because Maccas coffee is straight up fucked.

 We had a Segway tour this afternoon at 1:30. We decided that we were too hungover and we’re just going to sleep all day instead. We both had a decent sleep and I woke up at about 12:30 and went next door and bought 6 cheeseburgers from Burger King. When I got back though we quickly decided that we would regret it if we missed the segways. We got dressed fast as fuck and legged it to an uber which took us to the Segway start point. Deadset, best decision we ever made. The Segway tour was fuckin unreal. We rode the segways around DC, to the Capitol building again, to the White House. Donald Cunt’s chopper was about to land but we didn’t stick around for it. We went to the Lincoln memorial again during the day which was yet again amazing. Then we rode around the WWII memorial which was sick. We also rode past the FBI headquarters, the Supreme Court of the US and the library of congress. Honestly it was just so much fun cruising around on Segways. They are an absolute blast to ride. You look like an absolute dickhead but it is so fun just fangin around on them. It is hard to get on and off them but the actual riding part is so intuitive and easy. The scenery at the national mall is just spectacular so it was a sick ride with a mad view and sites. So good.

 By this time we were feeling pretty ill again. We had a crew of 6 trying to get back to the hotel but our uber driver got lost trying to pick us up, then the dickhead showed up with not enough seats so we told him to fuck off while we ordered another one. About an hour later we got back to the hotel. Grabbed some fruit, yoghurt (for the gut) and then ate that with a rest in the hotel. We got dressed and went and grabbed dinner at this Thai place across the road. It was pretty shit to be honest. Thai places in Bathurst are better. Then we got some more rest on the hotel to get ready for our contiki goodbye party at 9:30. The party was at the bar next door to the hotel. I was still feeling pretty sick so I knew I wouldn’t be drinking. People had white shirts and everyone was signing each other’s shirts and talking about the tour. It was our last night of contiki so it was pretty sad. I was pretty wrecked by 11, sober but so tired. We called it a night to get ready for our last day of Contiki to travel to New York via Philadelphia tomorrow. Make sure to read tomorrow for a review of contiki including pros and cons of travel with them.

 Much love


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