Miami day 2

It was a little bit of a sleep in this morning which was definitely appreciated. We woke up, Aimee was still feeling like shit unfortunately. Though she decided to still go on our bike tour of Miami that we had one this morning.

We were walking to the Bike place that Braden said was right around the corner, happened to be like 10 blocks away. This was 9:30 in the morning and it was already pretty damn hot. We got to the bike place and took off on the tour. The guy that ran the tour was pretty weird. Our last bike tour guide in the Grand Canyon was absolutely amazing. This one, not so much. He reminded me of one of Homer Simpson’s colleges roommates in that episode where he went back to college hahah it was supposed to be a 2 hour ride but it went for 3.5 hours. It was incredibly hot too, well over 30 degrees. I was desperately attempting to keep my new tattoo out of the sun. I managed to do that pretty well, though it resulted in sunburn on the rest of my arm.

The highlights of this tour was just looking at Miami and how wonderful of a place it is. Definitely very much like the Gold Coast. Though at every place we stopped the guy kept pulling up in the sun and talking for so long which was making me crazy. I could tell Aimee wasn’t feeling well and was getting annoyed with the guy. As soon we we got back to the bike shop we legged it the 10 blocks back to the hotel. As soon as we got on there though Aimee realised that she left her phone in the little bag on the bike. Man this was annoying. She was too sick to go bad and overheated. I was pretty pissed off about having to go back but I ran the whole ten blocks back to get it, luckily it was still there. I know I have definitely put weight on, on this trip, which was expected. But I definitely still have the fitness that I gained from losing weight as I was able to run the whole 10 blocks in 30-35 degree heat. I got back after 4 hours in the sun and was completely fucked. I forgot to mention that I also missed breakfast and it was about 1pm and I was still yet to eat so I was fucked and so hungry. It was not a good time.

I took my clothes off and laid in the air conditioning for like half an hour to cool down. I wanted to do this for longer but I was just so hungry. We went over to Lincoln road which is a really nice pedestrian street that has a lot of shopping and eating places. We went to a French bakery restaurant called ‘Paul’. I got a Brie baguettes with sweet honey butter. Man it was awesome! Top quality sandwich. Well impressed. It came with our choice of dessert too, I got a custard tart with raspberries and powdered sugar. Real good. That definitely filled a hole, though the air conditioning wasn’t great in there so my body temperature was still really high. We swung by Starbucks and bought icy strawberry acai refresher. It really did the trick. Brough my body temperature down and I started feeling better. We walked back to the hotel and Aimee was feeling real shit still.

We were supposed to be going on a 2 hour party cruise on Biscayne bay tonight, but we dogged out of it to get some rest in. We decided we would get some dinner tonight and spend the rest of the night In the air conditioning in the room. It wasn’t bad though because the E3 Microsoft press conference was on so that was good. Watched Xbox showcase some great looking games and the new Xbox one x that looks powerful. It is one the major things I miss about being at home, gaming. Such a huge part of my life. After that I went and grabbed some five guys for dinner. Fuckin awesome burger. So juicy and delicious. The Tony awards were on tonight too so that was perfect. As we intend to see several broadway shows in New York, was great to watch the performance to assist in our decision. It was a quiet but good night to start feeling better get rejuvenated for Daytona beach tomorrow!




Much love


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