Los Angeles Day 4 – Exploring

“Some nights I wish I could go back in life. Not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice” – Childish Gambino

Hi everyone! So today marked our 4th and final day in Los Angeles. The day started off with a great sleep last night (finally!). Ended up getting a solid 8 hours on top of the 4-5 in the arvo. I woke up well rested but unfortunately still sick. We checked out around 10am. In the hotel lobby everyone was crowding around some guy taking pictures of him and stuff.

I thought it must’ve been some celebrity. Turns out it was some guy who won survivor a Tony Vlachos. Not so exciting! To make up for that here is a pic of me with a real celebrity…..mannequin.


So we ubered it down to Hollywood. Aimee packed wayyy too much shit in her bag and couldn’t fit anything else in. I also bought some souvenirs for my nieces so we posted a fair bit of stuff back home. Pretty expensive to do that we found out. 12lbs cost us $104USD!!! Yuck! So anyway, we then did the Hollywood walk of fame, which I must say…is pretty overrated. It’s dirty, smelly, there are people everywhere trying to sell you shit. I did see quite a few cool peoples stars but other than that – definitely not worth it.


On the bright side, in Hollywood we hit up In-n-Out burger. We ordered a double double with animal style fries each. As far as fast food goes – it’s gotta be on top of the list. Fresh ingredients that are never frozen makes a really difference. Though it was ridiculously busy there, it was worth the wait. In the burger shop there was some wannabe gangsta wankster who had the shittest tattoo of all time. It was on the side of his head above his left ear and it read “fuck a bitch”. I just thought to myself, what an absolute fuckhead. I wanted to slap the tattoo offhis head but he probably would’ve shot me, so I refrained lol


Then we ubered to Griffith Observatory. The views from here of all of Los Angeles were absolutely spectacular. Though you can clearly see the dirty smog lingering over the city. An unexpected highlight was the planetarium located inside the observatory. We bought tix to the show they had on. It was beyond cool, this guy with a cool voice did a full presentation about human knowledge of the universe and the history of astronomy. It was fuckin awesome. You lay in these chairs and the whole dome ceiling is a huge screen. It’s hard to explain but so good. It goes to show that a lot of the best moments when you travel are the ones that pop up unexpectedly.


Next, believe it or not, we ubered! This time to Santa Monica pier. I absolutely loved Santa Monica pier. I thought it was stunning. The boardwalk has beautiful views of the beach, lots of little restaurant and shops as well as a mini theme park with cool little rides. It has probably been my favourite place thus far. We went on this little rollercoaster and got some ice cream and walked the boardwalk for a while. We had planned to go to Venice beach but we ran out of time as we had our Contiki meeting at 7pm. Traffic in LA is beyond a joke. Every drive takes forever! It’s the worst.


We ubered back to the hotel and went to meet our Contiki peers and tour manager. At this meeting our tour manager Braden gave us some info about tomorrow including having to meet in the lobby at 7:15 tomorrow! There are 54 people on our tour which is a full bus! It is going to be huge. We met about 10-15 people from our tour and they were all lovely. Most people are from Melbourne. Two girls actually knew each other and didn’t know either one was coming on the tour! Crazy! I am looking forward to sharing the next 26 days with these people! Some people are on a tour called the southern adventure that lasts for 13 days and ends in New Orleans. Others are on the Grand a Southern like us who do 26 days and finish in New York. There are also a few lucky people who are on a tour called the Epic Adventure which lasts for 55 days and circles pretty much the whole country! My boss Sharon would probably fire/kill me if I wanted that much time off work. She almost murdered me for this amount!

Anyway after the meeting I think a few people were going out but it seemed that most were going to get an early night for the early wake up and a big day/night in Vegas tomorrow. We decided to do that. We went across the road and grabbed Taco Bell for dinner, which was honestly not much better than dogshit. I am ready for real food. I think my decisions from here on out are going to be smarter. Less fast food cause honestly it’s not even yum and it makes me feel like shit.

Thanks for reading and I will see you all tomorrow with a story from Sin City.

Much love


3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Day 4 – Exploring

  1. Love it!The girls will be so excited to receive stuff in the mail!Sorry it cost a million dollars but.Sounds like yous are having a great time xx


  2. Sounds like a great day. I love your mannerisms hahaha they are golden! Man tgat in-and-out-burger looks so good. Keep posting, always a great read! Love from your friendly neighborhood spiderman Josh Setright


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